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Project Management Presentation - K. Andraza, K. Pollard, D. Ren

Project Management Presentation

Kevin Pollard

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Project Management Presentation - K. Andraza, K. Pollard, D. Ren

What We Do How We Establish and Achieve Our Goals Our Pool Design Project RIVERVIEW POOLS In Ground Pool Experts By: Kevin Andraza
Kevin Pollard
Donge Ren Riverview Pools is dedicated to providing our client with superior service and outstanding quality in a timely manner. Establishing a Project Charter
Scope Management
Time Management
Cost Management Breakdown
Quality Management
Human Resource Management
Communication Management
Risk Management
Procurement Management Project Charter The project charter outlines the business case and project objectives. It is important that the charter is accurate, as this is the base for a project creation. Not only does the charter outline the general information it also entails: Project Resources
Stakeholders and their requirements
Product Description and Deliverables
Project Sponsor Authorization Scope Management Riverview Pools will outline the products, services, and the break down structure required to complete the clients requests. An entire backyard oasis will entail the following: In ground Pool
In ground Hot Tub
Wooden Deck
Landscaping Time Management The activities and numeration of activities come from the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and are laid out in the network diagram with the early start/finish, late start/finish, slack and critical path shown. Cost Management Riverview Pools is committed
to informing the client
the where their finances
are going to. The Cost
Management system will
outline all Activity Cost,
WBS Cost, Controlled Cost,
Project Cost Estimates and
Management Costs. Cost Management Continuation Quality Management The project takes into account the two aspects of quality that determines whether or not the inherent characteristics of the project meet the project requirements. These two key aspects of quality are the conformance to requirements and the fitness for use Quality Requirement Human Resource Management The integration of Human resource management ensures that all integrated decisions with regards to employment relationship to the project will support, maintain and encourage high quality within the organization in order to successfully complete the objective at hand Human Resource Management Cont. The human resource outline also details the roles and responsibility of each individual along with the estimated time needed to complete the task. Communication Management By identifying the stakeholder’s requirements, expectations, interest and level of responsibility, the communication plan can be created. Once identified it is important that all messages within the communication channels are clear and identified. This can be controlled by five steps. Initiating Process
Planning Process
Execute Process
Controlling Process
Closing Process Risk Management Procurement Management This project has multiple sub-projects which require different skill sets,
knowledge, expertise and materials to carry out. For this reason
we have contracted the help of trusted and proven contractors. Also note, the relationships between tasks
Start-to-Start 128 hours Critical Path Time Thank you for listening! ? Questions
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