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The RIGHTS for children.

care for children its right

minnie chicken

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of The RIGHTS for children.

WE WANT IT Millions of children around the world are being denied the right to a childhood. This is wrong. Children are made to work at very young ages.And forced to do this outrageos work throughout there life. The effect to working so young could criple a child for the rest of its life. Some children are sexually forced to work. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN! WORLD The can be a better place if we work together. Unicef helps children who need to have the right of a normal childhood but we need you to help aswell. By
Dylan Article 32 This forcement of work is mainly effected in poorer countries. Primark and other shops use children to make there clothes To help. Go to unicef.com Protecting children and there rights. , We are all equall
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