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Emma Lundgren

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of 1950's

We Didn't Start the Fire
January 1, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Brief Overview
Entertainment and Leisure
Values and Culture
going to the local drive in to eat
roller rinks
learning to hula hoop
movies *theater or drive in
listening to rock and roll and learning to dance
bowling leagues
watching baseball
playing cards
going to amusement parks
The 1950's was a time of economic stability for most people in America. New machines allowed for more products to be made with less effort, cost and time, so the average income grew and more leisure time was allowed. In America, the average income was 2x the size of the average income of a European resident, and 4x the size of the average person living in Italy. Families were growing due to the baby boomers, so small apartments turned into houses, and most families were expected to own a house and a car. There was on average 1 car to every 3 americans in the united states and a car was seen as a status symbol. Also, in the 50's supermarkets and fast food chains emerged, further changing the way food was bought and sold.

Media was popular during this time. It consisted of music, movies, and television and had a variety of topics for people with different interests.
Common Pastimes:
Inventions and Technology
The first Fender Electric guitar is available for a relatively cheap price.
Sam Phillips begins Sun Records which will become the label of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.
Elvis is discovered!
Elvis Presley went to the Sun Records Studio to record a couple of songs as a present for mom but he ended up impressing the office manager with is vocals and musicality.
The Beginning of Fast Food
The 1950's was the beginning of an era, starting the idea of Fast Food. Restaurant chains began opening, leading to the idea of bringing food home to eat. Restaurants such as Dunkin' Donuts, KFC, Denny's, Burger King, IHOP, and Pizza Hut.
Basic Entrees
Family meals were very common in the 1950's. Often times the mother or woman in the family would spend most of the day preparing dinner. Some popular meals included meatloaf, burgers, casserole, deviled eggs and TV dinners, meals that could be eaten in living rooms in front of their new television sets.
The Introduction of the TV Dinner
The Hydrogen Bomb
-The US tested the first H-bomb in 1952
-The H-bomb uses nuclear fusion to achieve detonation
-It can yield over 1000 times the power of the atomic (fission) bomb
Nuclear Weapon Safety Video
A Vaccine for Polio
In 1952, Jonas Salk created the first effective polio vaccine.
It was not available to the public until 1955
In '52, there were over...
58,000 victims
21,000 disabled
3000 deaths
...from polio
1953: James Watson and Francis Crick discover the structure of DNA
Their discovery was a milestone in the field of molecular biology and genetics
The Space Race
The USA and USSR began competing in August, 1955
The Soviets launched the Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957.
President Eisenhower founded NASA in July, 1958
Other Significant Inventions
1958: Earl Bakken (founder of Medtronic and U of M graduate) invents a wearable pacemaker
1955: Velcro is patented, and later adopted by NASA
1959: The first plastic credit card is issued
1956: The first videocassette recorder is made; it was larger than a washing machine and cost $50,000
Other Significant Inventions
1955: Seat belts made available for automobiles. They were invented in order to reduce the large number of head injures due to car accidents.
1954: Solar cells are made at Bell Labs
1957: bubble wrap developed
1951: The first color TV program is broadcast
1954: IBM scientists create the hard disk drive. It was larger than two refrigerators and held 3.75 megabytes
Other Significant Inventions
Microwave ovens were modified and sold for use in homes (1955)
3D films become a fad with the advent of polarized filters and other new techniques in the film industry
Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California.
Cost 17 million dollars to build.
The original park included main street, adventureland, frontierland and tomorrowland
In 1955...
-Snow maker
-Leaf blower
-Automatic sliding doors
Expected to get married at a young age. Either right out of high school or during college.
People of Color
African Americans
Mexican Americans
Native Americans
White Americans left cities for the suburbs and isolated themselves from other races.

Discrimination in public facilities similar to what african americans experienced.

In Texas, after the first 100 years after gaining US citizenship, many lost their land due to unfamiliar American laws. Losing land caused many to go from wealthy ranch owners to farmers.
Southern whites move to South Texas bringing with them the racial social code of the Deep South which applied to blacks and Mexican Americans
Termination Policy: gave up responsibility for Native American tribes by eliminating federal economic support, discontinuing the reservation system, and redistributing tribal lands.
Bureau of Indian Affairs began a voluntary relocation program to help them resettle in cities
Urban Indian Relocation Program relocated them to seven major cities.
They would receive temporary housing, help in finding jobs, community and social resources, and money depending on the number of children in the family.
Example: $80 for a mother, father, and 4 children, a week for four weeks
But not everyone was receiving what they were promised so some began to go back to their reservations while others stayed.
Marilyn Monroe was a favorite among all people
Best known for her acting
Died August 5th, 1962
Monroe died for a drug overdose and several people think it was suicide but it very well could have been an accident.
Marilyn Monroe
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