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Copy of Chariho Website Evaluation Gr 7

How to use the CRAAP test to evaluate websites.

Kathryn Kelley

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chariho Website Evaluation Gr 7

The CRAAP test was developed by the Meriam Library at California State University, Chico.
Search engines retrieve pages based on content, not on quality.
Some web pages are not updated.
When was the information posted or updated?

Does this site have link rot?
Who is this site written for?

Is there enough infomation?
Who published the site?

Who wrote this page?
Look at the domain name for clues:
.com -commercial
.edu - educational
.gov - government
.net - network
.org - organization
Where did the information come from?

Are the sources cited?
What is the purpose of the site?

Inform? Teach? Sell? Entertain?

Is there bias?
Why do I need to evaluate a website?
If you don't evaluate it, no one else will.
It is a way to remember what to look for in a good website.
And remember.....
Google searches <20% of the web.
And only a small part of that is good for educational purposes.
So, how do you know if a website is OK for your assignment?
You use the CRAAP test!
Where do you find the dateof publication/author/publisher on a website?

Does the web page or home page provide any contact information for the author or publisher?
Where can I find the publisher or author
of a web page?
You are going to create a mini poster:

1. Explain what the elements of the CRAAP method are (Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose).
2. Include a visual picture or symbol for each element that helps explain the meaning of each element.
3. Include a brief explanation in full sentences of why it is important to evaluate a website before you use the information on it.
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