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Decline of the British Empire after World War II

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Ashlee Neely

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Decline of the British Empire after World War II

Decline of the British Empire after World War II
Economic Downfall After WWII
What started this decline?
It has been shown that the start of Britain's economic downfall was due to the impact of World War II.
The losses Britain suffered from the war shattered their "financial and economic independence" (BBC).
Economic Downfall After WWII
Some of the reasons believed to have sent Britain's economic standings down were the responsibility put on Britain to ensure Germany's economic stability.
These reasons were the product of the costs charged to Britain in order to maintain their designated areas of Germany.
Along with the reasons above, Britain needed to reduce their foreign spending
The spending that Britain had been using towards their territories soon began to be reduced to hopefully help with the financial costs.
Decline of Decolonization
Harold Macmillian Conservative Government (1957-1963)
Accelerated decolonization giving independence to nine African colonies
Mediterranean island of Cyprus gained independence
Harold Wilson Labour Government (1964-1970)
1965: Southern Rhodesia illegally became independent
Declared that Britain would not be apart of "East of Suez." Withdrew from Aden and the Gulf States
1970's and onward
British withdrew from Singapore, Caribbean, and Pacific colonies
Decline of Decolonization
The empire on which the sun never sets.
Largest make up of the earth by any other empire.
Greatest extent was around 1922.
Britain had many colonies and ruled over many countries, then once their economy got hit by WWII, everything began to fall.
decolonization started 1945 right after the war, started giving countries their independence.
British Imperial Timeline Map
Joanna, Grant, & Ashlee
Economic Downfall:
Visual Aid:

The Greatest Extension of the British Empire
Clement Attlee's Labour Government (1931)
Gave independence to the following countries: India, Pakistan, Burma, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Independence of Ceylon ended mandate in Palestine
Sir Winston Churchhill and Anthony Eden Conservative Government (1951-1957)
Attempted to create federations to expand colonial empire in Central Africa and West Indies
Granted independence in Sudan, Ghana, and Malaya
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