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Computers and Brain in the Future!

This prezi is about computers and the brain and how they are used in the future. We will take you through different inventions, kind of like a time vortex from doctor who. Anyway our prezi is the best and i hope you like it! :) =)

Fafiyah Sarukh

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Computers and Brain in the Future!

This presentation will zoom you through amazing technology, smart brains have managed to create! you will see the shocking capability of technology so prepare yourself to travel through this technology vortex! Bci can be used for capturing brain signals and translating them into commands which allow humans to control devices such as computers, robots and virtual reality environments just by thinking! brain chips from Intel-
these will let us operate the computer by just thinking about it!
Intel have now made a chip which will be implanted within brains.
this allows us to operate a computer by just thinking about a tool or an application which will automatically switch it on. brain chips from intel-
these will let you operate a computer by just thinking about it. Intel have smartly created a chip which will be implanted in your brain, therefore letting us control the computer. by just thinking about an application or a tool it will open. Through BCI, technology has been able to create bio-sensors.These will be built into new futuristic games which will sense brain waves, leading to different actions. This game is also capable of sensing our emotions which will show as actions in the game. Honda have created a robot named ASIMO. this robot is controlled by BCI. For istance, if we want to control Asimo, we can think about an action, and Asimo will do it. Asimo has special devices which interpret brain signals and put them into action. Profile of asimo:
Height: 130 cm (4 feet 3 inches)
Weight: 54 kilograms (114 pounds)
Speed: can walk or run at 6 km/h
ASIMO stand for:
Step in
MObility BCI- brain computer interface.
this is basically a direct connection between
computers and the human brain.
Using chips implanted against the brain that have hundreds of pins less than the width of a human hair inside them and analyses information from the cerebral cortex (part of the brain), scientists of our century are able to study the information sent by the millions of neurons in our brain. BOMPUTERS-1/2 BRAIN 1/2 COMPUTER
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