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General Vision and Viewpoint

Analysing a mode of comparison in The Comparative Study of Leaving Certificate English

Breda O'Brien

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of General Vision and Viewpoint

The General Vision and

The Comparative Study -
The General Vision and Viewpoint asks us
to consider whether a text is predominantly
optimisitic OR pessimistic OR an uneasy mixture
of both
It is important that you determine the level
of optimism and pessimism and show HOW it is
communicated in your text
A viewpoint is a mental attitude, a perspective
on the world, a point of view. Since an attitude
can be positive or negative, favourable or
unfavourable, what we are asked to assess
is whether the overall feel of the text
is positive or negative
Your Focus
Focus on the view or interpretation of the
world of the text
Focus on the opening and closing of your
Focus on the quality and outcome of key
Focus on the nature of society in which
the text is set
The outlook and fate of the main characters / relationships
The central character(s) is/are the most important element(s) of any text. By and large, we see a world (real or fictional) from the perspective of the main character(s)
Therefore, both the attitudes (outlook) and the experiences (fate) of the central characters
are essential in analysing the levels of optimism and pessimism in the text
Analysing the quality and outcome of KEY RELATIONSHIPS also goes a long way towards revealing the
viewpoint of the text
e.g. 'Children of Men' - the key relationship is between Theo and Kee, but consider also Theo and Jasper
'NLMG' - The key relationship is between the three main characters, but particularly Kathy and Tommy.
'The Road' - The Man and the Boy
Elements that contribute to the atmosphere of a text
If a text is humorous, then this humour adds to the
generally bright, light-hearted view of the text.
On the other hand, if a text is dominated by gloomy
images, symbolism and landscapes, then it will have a
darker, more fatalistic feel to it.
The personalities of the characters and the setting are
other elements that contribute to the overall
atmosphere of the text.
Symbolism and motifs are other elements that aid one's understanding of the atmosphere of a text e.g. 'Carrying the fire' and the 'good guys' motifs in 'The Road.'
The outcome or conclusion of a text
The ending of a text is our final impression
of the world created by the author / director
and, for that reason, it is THE most decisive
moment of a text
Texts can be united by certain key themes, that
also help us understand the viewpoint of a text.
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