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Yoga Diet

No description

Rachel Drane

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Yoga Diet

Fed up...
Diet Culture
"We want to be thin because thinness is the purported currency of happiness and peace and contentment in our time." - Geneen Roth
Dieting $60 billion/year industry
2007 UCLA study:
Indicator of weight gain was weight loss on previous diet
83% gained back more than lost. Why?
"Diets are based on unspoken fear that you are a madwoman, a food terrorist, a lunatic." - GR
90-95% diet failure rate
Post-diet binging in 49% (Psychologist Fritz Heider - depriving self of a desire, simply heightens the want)
Survey Results
DISCLAIMER: sampling
68% female
32% male
1/2 yogi, 1/2 not
Roughly 1/2 dieted
In Yoga We Trust
Yoga perils for EDs or body image issues
Reinforcement of weight-control behaviors
Celebration of thinness, flexibility, perfection of form ("yoga body")
Yogarexia manifestation:
Disassociation/disconnection (shallow breathing, isolating)
Detoxes as diets in disguise (unnecessary, triggering?)
Obsessive compulsive tendencies (perfectionism)
Int'l Journal of ED study: yoga students greater risk of ED
Marketing/media (Lululemon)
Eat, Breathe, Thrive
Principle 1: Function v. Form
P2: Indicator of needs
P3: Gateway to intimacy and connection
P4: Moderator of mind
Intuitive Eating
Reconnecting with body/hunger cues
Permission to eat anything- strip food of power
GR Eating Guidelines
"Your body is the piece of the universe you've been given."
- Geneen Roth

"Let food be thy medicine"
- Hippocrates

"Phenomenal Woman"
- Maya Angelou
Yummy Yoga
Slippery Slope
Repeated dieting often gateway to ED
Dieters by age 15 are 8x more ED-likely than non-dieters
Foods described moralistically (dietary laws of false religion):
Teacher Aids
"The public puts pressure on yoga teachers to give them a workout. And teachers, especially young ones, buckle to the pressure because they want to attract more students." -Maty Ezraty (teacher/trainer 35 yrs)
Think in terms of prevention through language: promoting self-acceptance over self-criticism
Private, safe place
Ask permission to speak openly
Give observations w/o judgment
Come armed with resources
Let them know they're supported
Affected by ED
No. of Diets
Diet + ED
"Women Food and God" - Geneen Roth
"Intuitive Eating" - Evelyn Tribole + Elise Resch
"The Truth About Yoga and Eating Disorders" - Chelsea Roff
Eat, Breathe, Thrive
Loved ones
"When I was a kid I used to want to take a magic food pill so that I didn't have to worry about eating 3 meals a day. I hated food and eating was a waste of time. Now I wish there was a magic skinny pill so that I could eat all of the food without feeling guilty. I love food now, but I hate it for making me love it."

"...having been an overweight child definitely still affects how I think about every bite I take."
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