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Unknown Anonymous

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Architecture

Architecture By Joseph. A The Parthenon Built on the Acropolis, a citadel on rocky crop, the Parthenon is a world famous structure in ancient Greece built for the greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. Being built in 447 BC to replace a temple, it took two years to complete the monument.
The Parthenon is the most important building of Classical Greece that survived. Classical Greece was a 200 year period that had a great influence on western civilization architecture. In it, a 40 foot statue of Athena is made of pure gold and is the biggest known statue of the greek goddess. In her hand she holds Nike the god of strength and success and a shield referring to her as the goddess of wisdom and battle. The Parthenon is a Doric peripteral temple meaning that it has a rectangular floor plan with a series of low steps on either side. Each entrance has a 6 columns in front of it. The Parthenon is indented with metopes which shows the many struggles and victories, battles and myths of Greece. Along with sculptures, metopes line the various walls. This is one of the reasons of the unique, amazing architecture. This outstanding landmark is a treasure not only to Greece but to people from all over the world. Famous Architecture The Parthenon Architecture has been around for 1000's of years with new designs for new periods of time. It has, and still builds the world which shelter, occupy, and protect people. Each structural idea is never the same, even if it is hundred years old or less than a day old. Old buildings and blueprints have had a humungous impact on 21st century buildings and structures. Timeline of the beginning of architecture The Parthenon Starting at young ages, most children's ambitions are to build or design things. The most popular game is LEGO, also a world known building experience that can range from building cars and vehicles to constructing cities and large, imaginative towers or skyscrapers! Famous Architecture The Colosseum the Colosseum is the largest amphitheater of Italy Rome. a amphitheater is ann open aired venuue used for performances dn entertainment. The coliseum is the largest built amphitheater of Rome Italy. An amphitheater is an open-aired venue used for performances and entertainment. The Colosseum was built under the roman emperor Vespasian. The construction started at 72 AD and took 8 years to complete. A maximum of 50, 000 people could be seated as they watched gladiators against gladiators or gladiators against wild animals.Measuring 188m by 156m and reaching a height of more than 48 meters,The Colosseum has no less the than 80 entrances. The Colosseum used to be called Flavians Amphitheater after the dynasty. It was built to honor its impenetrable builders but also as a form of entertainment. Underneath it is a hypogeun, a sprawling network of underground tunnels. It contained animals, warriors, slaves and props for the show. The Colosseum is a amazingly unique structure as people visit the spectacular monument from all over the world as they marvel its beauty. We are around architecture all the time as we are around >buildings

850 BC to 476 AD- According to certain rules and commands given from the Roman and Greek Governor, famous and laborious buildings, temples and monuments were built at this time. Most of the structures made were temples built to honor Greek gods and goddesses such as the temple of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hephaestus or Artemis. Stronger tools were probably used to honor the gods as maybe they did they did not think the regular tools they used were not good enough. At this time, the Greeks and Romans learned to melt metal to create more stronger buildings. This is also one of the reasons the more durable tools were used. 3,050 BC to 900 BC- As architecture developed the Egyptians, one of the first people to start building, built
The most popular construction is the pyramids, which were actually tombs!
Pharaohs used to be buried in tombs that were called Mastaba that look like this this.

373 to 500 AD- European forms of basilica forms changed to classical designs of the Byzantine style. Famous churches were constructed at these times along with many more buildings constructed by architects such as
Master James of St George,
Robert de Belleme
At this time architecture was beginning to be a profession to many people. 500 to1200 AD- As the Roman Empire went over Europe they took their designs with them using both old and new designs such as the well curved arch. When they conquered most of Europe, they took their designs with them using their engineers to build their own structures and built
>trade. They also built aqueducts to supply water for their villages.

1400 to 1600 AD A return to classical designs ushered a new awakening for places in Europe such as France and Italy. This action is not clear though to why they did so though. They followed 3 styles, symmetry, proportion and geometry. Many arrangements of columns, pilasters, and lintels were made at this time. A pilaster is a slightly projected column (such as shown in the picture.) A lintel is a is a load bearing component, (such as in the picture.) In this period of architecture, semicircular arches, hemispherical domes, niches and aedicules also replaced the irregular designs of the medieval period.
1600 to 1830- In Italy the architecture reflected the stage of dramatic churches and extravaganza designs. People were very impressed (esp. the French aristocrats and incorporated the idea to build St. Petersburg.) These designs of the Baroque period can be still found throughout Europe. At the burial of King Zoser, his Mastaba was stacked 6 times to make the first pyramid. In the center of the pyramid, the pharaoh was buried along with his gold and wealth. Some pyramids have traps to "catch" thieves wanting to steal the gold. Ancient Egypt Classical Early Christian and Medieval Romanesque Gothic Architecture Renaissance Architecture Baroque period Quiz What were the Pharaohs of Egypt buried in before there were pyramids? Mastabas Name at least 3 temples built by the Greeks that were created for their gods. Artemis, Hephaestus, Zeus, Hera, Poseidon Famous were built in the Early Christian and Medieval Period. _____________ churches Once the Romans conquered most of Europe, they took European so they could build ________ engineers _________, _____ _____ Structures walls and roads They did this for ______, ______ and _____ armies travel trade Many famous architects have constructed various structures with many different designs. Throughout this presentation, many famous architectures will be introduced. Famous architecture

3 dimensional screens can be very effective to now day architects as, for instance, if an architectural engineer is finish building they can explore the depths and step into their creation through 3D visualizing technology. Circling their buildings or creations, architects have the chance to see their wonders first hand in prototype size. Planning on computers and with software's are very beneficial to designers for their buildings. Being a very efficient way of planning, technology is a great way to design. The leaning tower of Pisa The leaning tower of Pisa is both a feat and a failure. This structure was meant to be a bell tower but the Leaning tower of Pisa started to tilt during constructing in 1173. Construction finished in 1373 when it became a world known structure. The tilt happened because of of the ground being softer on one side than the other, causing it to sink in. This tower is 55.86m high (on the low side) and 56.70m (from the high side.) This tower leans at a 5.5 degrees but now leans at 3.99 degrees. Being both a amazing feat but also a failure, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an excellent monument that people from all over the world enjoy. How technology can have an influential difference of 21 century architecture compared the to buildings of history? In architecture periods such as the Early Christian and Medieval, architects were not equipped with such devices and had to do it all on paper. Architecture has a majority of job applications as people apply for occupying jobs as architects or architectural engineers .There are 141,200 architects in the USA alone. Another populer game which includes the use of architecture is Minecraft. In it, you build various things such as mansions, houses or buildings etc. This game also develops the knoledge of architecture. The biggest tower in the world currently is Burj Khalifa, Dubai. It is 828m high and 3,331,100 square feet wide.
It was originally called Burj Dubai but then changed its name to Burj Khalifa. It cost 1.5 billion dollars to build and took much labor. It was designed to be the largest structure in the world and to make Dubai popular. No, not the leaning tower of pizza! Have you ever looked at the buildings in Washington DC USA? Every single one of them is a classical design. There are leaves and flowers among the mouldings, Ironic columns, domes, and other supports or designs. These reflect the designs of the Roman and Greek! Even the statues reflect those of the classical design. united state supreme court building has the same desighn of the classical period. Why is architecture important to us? Architecture supplies us with our basic living needs. It provides the world with shelter and protection. Occupying millions of people, it builds the world and gives people their essential needs and wants. As you leaned, people in the Ancient Egyptian and Classical period built shrines and temples to worship their Gods and Goddesses. This was very important to them but without architecture, none of this would be possible. Architecture also supplies people with recreation. As you saw in the Colosseum, it showed how people could use architecture as a form of entertainment. Many forms of architecture used as recreation have been found over Europe.
The Saddle Dome is also a building used for recreation. It is like the Colosseum but more modern.
Architecture can also be used for daily living such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. it was supposed to be a bell tower. Used for everyday life, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a great example of how architecture can fit in our everyday lives.
Architecture is also used for work. It supplies people with jobs and lets them learn, eat, etc. It occupies people from working in malls to restaurants to working in the tallest towers of the world. through jobs and work, even more architecture is used weather you design a building of build it.
Architecture can also supply people with meeting places that are used to decide what has and what will happen to a city, school or even a company.
Almost everything involves architecture. Including us. Why is architecture important to us? /cathedrals and ______ designs aqueducts __________ Thanks for Watching! 1100 to 1450 AD- In this period of architecture, Europe created the cathedrals. I think this is because there was a new era of religion leading to why the churches were built all over Europe.
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