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No description

Gert van der Merwe

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Money-line

From Then To Now
Short Term Goal
Present Activities
Money-Line provides high yield, fixed returns to equity partners

Our trading range includes-

Money-Line is currently totally debt free
Few and low risks exist as investments secured according to risk profile of Equity Partner and trades are "cash only"
Since 1998 Money-Line has laid a firm foundation for long term growth.
Money-Line is managed by experienced business executives with proven track records assisted by highly trained Traders
Trading Major Forex Currency Pairs,Shares and Commodities
Acquiring additional 'distressed' properties
Distressed”properties cash purchased as Investments
Reliable Trading signals sold to Forex Trader world wide
Written guarantee's together with Covering bonds over fixed properties to serve as security for term loans
Equity Partners will receive the highest rate of interest - paid monthly or as required.
"Peace of mind" - fixed income investments
High rates of interest - inflation beating
Long term, low risk and cost effective
Experienced management/staff - Excellent control systems
Selling Trading signals globally to Traders
Creating Wealth

To provide secured, stable and high income investments
Risk Profile

Medium Risk- 25% interest p.a. - a Written guarantee -
covering bond over fixed property for 20% of investment
Low Risk- 20% interest p.a. - Written guarantee - plus covering bond over fixed property for 50% of investment
Minimum Risk- 15% interest p.a. - Written guarantee - plus covering bond over fixed property for 70% of investment
Term Loan Composition
Term - Minimum 24 months
Costs- No initial fees
Interest- May be withdrawn periodically
or re-invested.

Projected growth
if interest is re-invested for the full period of the term loan
2) The low risk term loan will double within 4 years
3) The medium risk term loan will double within 3 years

1) The minimum risk term loan will show a growth of 75% over 4 years
Covering bond over fixed property applicable to amounts
exceeding R200,000 invested for periods of 2 years
All other amounts secured by written guarantee
Our unique business model offers wealth creation and protection against local market conditions.
Opportunity to double investments
Risk managed - secured investments
Access to listed securities markets
Cash only trades
Flexibility - Various sources of income return - Forex, Commodities, Shares, Fixed Property, Trading Signals sales
These Term Loan Options are designed to protect Equity Partners against fluctuations in the value of their capital and provide fixed, top rates of return
Participation Options
Capital can double within 3-5 years
Equity Partners have an opportunity to invest by way of high interest term loans
A cash amount equal to the first 12 months interest will be deposited into the trust account of our attorneys on receipt of funds and will serve to pay the monthly interest payments except in instances where compounded interest/ re-investment is required.
Money-Line: A brief history
The compay has been trading successfully since 1998 providing companies with additional financing aimed specifically at paying selected monthly creditors at the time of order against discounts as high as 15-20% PER MONTH. Money-Line then shared in 50% of the income in the discount as a financing fee.
Following a period of rapid growth a new vision was introduced In 2010 with a new business plan focusing on Forex, Shares and Commodoties trading with further investment in fixed properties
The company is financed by its shareholders, is totally debt free, trades on a cash basis only in some of the biggest markets on the planet e.g. the International Forex/ Commodities markets (4-5 Trillion USD per day) with unlimited growth and income potential and without any threat from competitors whatsoever whilst investing in lucrative fixed properties
Is to become a stable provider of Secure High Yield investment options to selected Equity Partners on a long term basis with flexible opportunities in both highly cash liquid markets world wide and in investments in income generating fixed property
To create a healthy return on capital for customers and shareholders alike
To add long term value to our customers and investors
To adhere to and promote the principles of good corporate governance and social responsibilities
To protect our environment for futher generations
Risk Management and secure Trading systems eleminate income fluctuations - We create and nurture wealth
#Property investment and development

#Secured fixed income products

#Structured cash flow options to clients

#Forex trading, training and signal sales

#Forex account management
Our Mission
Our Vision
Structured cash flow loans made available
Forex,Shares,Commodities markets traded daily
Beginners to Advanced Forex trading courses
Secured, Fixed, High Yield Products offered to Equity Partners
This enables Money-Line to offer Equity Partners above average,guaranteed and fixed returns
Expand the range of structured cashflow products
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