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"New Directions" - Maya Angelou

My group project. This book is a narrative essay wrote by an aspiring person name Maya Angelou.

Smiley Days

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of "New Directions" - Maya Angelou

"New Direction"
Maya Angelou - Narrative Essay

1. Conceded- admitted as true or valid; acknowledged
2. Amicably- in a friendly way
3. meticulously- very carefully and precisely
4. Balmy- having the qualities of balm; soothing, mild, pleasant
5. Ominous- threatening
6. Unpalatable- distasteful; unpleasant
Literary Devices
symbolism - the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities
Plot Details
Exposition: Annie Johnson was left by her husband with 2 small children and no way to support them
Climax: She had to figure out how to make a living and be able to raise her own children
Rising Action: She starts a business providing hot meals to mill workers at lunch
Resolution: Her business becomes a general store and she can take care of herself and her two kids
The theme is basically saying that no matter what life does to you, you can succeed. When you feel like doing something, don't ever hesitate to do it.
(Why is the selection relevant)
The job opportunities for African Americans were limited especially for women. This story was a way to show how a person's life changing decisions can lead to success no matter who they are. It also shows how a person shouldn't hold onto a title they are labeled with and instead make their own path which will capture who they really are.
Kasshus Mitchell- Theme
Alexis Cammon- Commentary
Deaveon Bradford- Vocabulary
Makia Rubin- Plot Details
Shunterius Stephens- Literary Devices
Tamera Goode- Introduction
Maya Angelou
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