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No description

Edith Marin

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Wayfinders

About Wayfinders
Students in Wayfinders are expected to live in Palazzo Apartments that are located on Campus Point.
This program increases their independence by experiencing facilitated and non-facilitated interactions with their peers in a university lifestyle.
Students take classes to prepare them for the transition into an independent life after college.
Wayfinders' mission and vision is to ultimately provide students with disabilities a chance to be a part of the college life and be able to live an independent life with the skills, relationships, and abilities they leave the program with! Yay for Wayfinders! :)
Admission to Wayfinders
In order to be a part of the Wayfinders program, the student must fill out an application that can be found on the Fresno State website.
There are different cohorts for every semester.
Student & Family Information
On the Wayfinders website, they provide a calendar with events for families to know what will be going on.
There are also links to forms for travel requests and medical tracking/medications.
Information is also included for SSI/SSDI.
Involvement with Wayfinders
Wayfinders are always looking and welcoming volunteers for their program.
Fresno State students can become mentors for these students in the program.
Peer mentors help with: self-motivation, coping skills, friendship, problem-solving, resiliency, etc. :)!
Donations/Contact Information
Any donations given to the Wayfinders program is used for technology provided for students who find use in this, as well as with scholarships that are provided for students who have financial need.
You can find the Wayfinders program at Fresno State in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development in Room 151 or you can email/call the program: Phone: (559) 278-0390, email: wayfinders@mail.fresnostate.edu
Thank you!
Wayfinders is a program offered through Fresno State that is an inclusive, post-secondary, independent living program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
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