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Figurative Language in Music

English Homework

Carlos Correa

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Figurative Language in Music

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Carlos Correa Poetry Music
Whats the difference? Repetition Music Example Repetition Poem Example Personification This Poem is a great example of personification for example

He leaps all day (the sea can't really leap)

He crashes to the ground sniffs and snuffles. (the sea can not sniff) Personification Music Example Simile Music example "I need a hero" is said numerous amounts of times in this song which is an example of repetition Repetition Personification Says I'm car sick seven times! That is a poem example of repetition The city really doesn't sleep it is just quiet Poem Example Simile Poem example Simile It is to repeat a
word, sound, phrase, or sentence more than one time. Repetition Personification A skill of writing in which an,
animal, object, or idea is given human qualities Is a comparison using like, as, and synonyms of those words Simile Selena is comparing how much she loves whoever and how much she loves love songs. "I-I love you like a love song baby" My Dog Berkley
Black as midnight
Bad as the devil
With eyes like pieces of dark chocolate
He thinks he is the king of the world
He is much like a pig
My dog Birkley (No author credit) Metaphor A comparison NOT using like or as!
It states that one object is the other Metaphor Music example Metaphor He is STATING that his heart is a stereo "My hearts a stereo" Poem Example Metaphor They STATE that
life is a piece of bubble gum
life is a cat with patted paws Hyperbole Poem Example Hyperbole Music Example Hyperbole The complete stretching of the truth
something that is not suppose to be taken serious Hyperbole Till the seas go dry
when rocks melt with the sun
I was tickled to death
Her blood Boiled!
It happened one million times today
You took forever Alliteration Alliteration Repeating the same sound at the beginning of several words. Music Example Alliteration Alliteration poem example Skillet *Hero Green Day *Boulevard of broken dreams Selena Gomez *Love you like a love song Taio Cruz *Break your heart DIDDYDIRTYMONEY *Coming Home Gym Class Heroes *Stereo Hearts Onomatopoeia Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would not take the garbage out By Shel Silverstein Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
Prune pits , peach pits, orange peel Like a big bad wolf, I'm
born to be bad and bad
to the bone. Onomatopoeia Poem Example Music Example The Jackson 5 *Rockin' Robin Onomatopoeia The use of words that sound like the noises they describe Tell the world i am coming home Tell lots of people not the WHOLE world exaggerating the amount of people. Says letter B words 7 times They make a bird noises "Tweet Tweet" (WHACK, BING, SWOOSH, ZIP, SCREECH) Onomatopoeia Eight Balloons no one was buyin'
All broke loose one afternoon.
Eight balloons with strings a-flyin'
Free to do what they wanted to
One flew up to touch the sun POP!
One thought highways might be fun POP!
One took a nap in a cactus pile POP!
One stayed to play with a careless child POP!
One tried to taste some bacon fryin' POP!
One fell in love with a porcupine POP!
One looked close in a crocodile"s mouth POP!
One sat around until his air ran out WHOOSH!
Eight balloons no one was buyin'
They broke loose and away they flew
Free to float and free to fly
And free to pop where they wanted to. Where the city sleeps
and i am the only one and I walk alone. (Skillet)
(Selena Gomez)
(Green Day)
(Tiao Cruz)
(Gym Class Heroes)
(DIDDYDIRTYMONEY) Music Videos From YouTube Images from google images
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