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Different Types of Computer Games

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Alicia Andon-Swan

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Different Types of Computer Games

Different Types of Computer Games
Whilst the player or players adventure through the game, they have to make a series of decisions in order to continue through the game competing against enemies as well as unlocking new objects and secret passage shortcuts that may get you caught by enemies.


An action game is a video game genre that is based on physical challenges that involve battling enemy characters as well as collecting objects (New weapons/Amo/Health) and many other bonus features to help you continue through to the next stages. Generally played by the younger generation.
In action games, whether your playing single player or multiplayer you have to advance through the game by playing different levels to complete the game itself. They're many varieties of challenge that have to be completed during the game in order for you to complete that level and move to the next.
Each player is given a certain amount of lives that they have throughout the game. They may lose them during a battle with their enemies which would occur during the game.
The computer game Tomb Raider is a mixture of an action and adventure game. The original was released in 1996. The player's camera follows her, usually over the shoulder or from behind. Lara (Main character) is in search for the three mysterious Scion artefacts across the world. The world she inhabits is fully drawn in three dimentions and categorized by its cubic nature.
On the way to collect the artefacts (to complete the game) on the way she must
kill dangerous animals and other creatures,
whilst collecting objects aswell as solving
puzzles to gain access to an ultimate prize.

Features include; running and jumping over obsticales. Lara Croft can perform side-steps, hang on ledges, roll over, dive, and swin through water. In a free environment Lara has two stances; one with weapons drawn and one with her hands free.
Role Playing Games
A role-playing game is when a player takes on the roles of imaginary characters that undertakes an imaginary world. These types of games are normally linked to storys, the original role-playing games involve dragons.
Most Popular


Adventure games are mainly single player,
set in a fantasy or adventure world where the main challenges involve completing puzzles and quizes. The Game normally involved a back story of the main character that will include either a specific rescue mission or a certain challenge to get to the end of the adventure.
These challenges normally include
finding puzzles to get through to the next level
for example; finding a key to unlock a door or chest that gives you possibly a weapon or a map.
These type of games consist of finding different
items to help you get through the game by solving puzzles and following the set story. Nearly all adventure genre games are designed for single player only.
Strategy Games
Abstract Strategy
In an abstract strategy game, the players luck minimizes and does not rely on a theme. All these type of games will conform to the definitions of a gameboard, card or tile game.
Types of Strategy Games
Team Strategy
This card game consists of two teams of two players, whose defensive skills are continually in use as the games dynamic progresses.
German-style boardgames, are a relatively new genre that sits between abstract and simulation games. They normall have simple rules, indirect player interaction and physical components.
This is the type of game that attempts to copy various activities from "real life" in the form of a game for different purposes such as training or prediction.
A game that deals with military operations of many different types either real or functional.
Puzzle Games
There are many different types of puzzles;

The worlds #1 puzzle game!
A single player tile matching puzzle computer game by
PopCap Games
. First developed in 2001. More than 75 million copies of
have been sold. As well as being downloaded more than 150 million times.
Mac OS X
Palm OS
Windows Mobile
BlackBerry 10
Java ME
Windows Phone
Nintendo DS
The objective of Bejweled is to swap one gem with an adjacent gem to form a horizontal or vertican chain of three or more gems of the same colour. Bonus points are earned when chains of more of three gems are formed, as well as when two chains are formed in one swap. The gems then dissappear when chains are formed and then fall from the top to fill in the gaps in the game puzzle.
Every match fills the bar, a level is completed when the bar is completely full. And the game is over when no more moves can be performed.

Time Trial; The bar starts in the middle, the level is completed when the bar is completely full.

During the game, the bar decreased. The bar decreases faster as the stage level increases. If you get to a place in the game and you can't make any moves, the board is cleared and randomly re-filled.

If the bar goes completely empty its game over!
Sports Games
A sports game is a game that simulates the practise of traditional sports. Most sports have been recreated with a game, including team sports and athletics.
( RPG )
A puzzle game is a game that tests
your brain and mind. One is required to put pieces together.
Puzzle Video Games
has been released on all of the following;
Example being:
'Fifa 14'
Developed by EA Canada
and published by Electronics Art
Released late September 2013
for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Playstation Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS viedo game consoles and Microsoft Windows.
A racing video game is a genre of video games,
either in the first or third person perspective, which is when the player takes part in a
racing competition with any type of land, air or
see vehicles. Now and again they are based on real world racing.
Need For Speed Rivals
Play as either a cooper or
racer, where each side of the
law has its own stakes challenges, rewards and consequences.
Developed by;
Ghost Games
Simulation Games
Is an attempt to copy various activities from
real life in the form of a game for certain
purposes for example training.
Usually there aren't any rules, so the player has
full control of their character. Well-known examples
are war games, business games and role play simulation.
Following the traditions of the
series, a economical Farming simulation with complete attention to every detail that awaits the player.
The game is all about the player buying fields and facilities, buidling farms as well as managing machinery and propertys. Whether your growing crops or breeding livestock.
Features include;

- Tremendous game with farming areas all over Europ
- Four different playing modes for long lasting fun
- From growing to breeding many economic options are provided
- Several possibilities of farm management are available, from see development to harvesting to trade everything has to be decided individually.
Fighting Games
Mortal Kombat
Komplete Edition
The game offers 15 Klassic Skins and three Klassic Fatalities (Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile) to start you off.
3D graphics
Game released for the Playstation 3 and Xboc 360 systems in April 2011.
This game is all about one-on-one fighting.
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