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Week 1 Lesson 3: Synopsis and overview of characters

No description

Liam Brooks

on 21 July 2017

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Transcript of Week 1 Lesson 3: Synopsis and overview of characters

LI: to gain an overview of the plot and characters in 'Romeo and Juliet'.

SC: Students will be able to explain the basic plot and know main characters.
Question 3: Who is Juliet supposed to be married to as soon as she's old enough to do so?
Question 4: What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do after meeting one another on that first night?
Reading and quiz
1. Working individually.
2. Read the synopsis on p. 18.
3. We have 10 minutes. If you finish early, highlight any adjectives (describing words) in the reading.
4. Then team up with a partner.
5. We will have a multiple-choice quiz about the synopsis.
Question 1: In which Italian city is 'Romeo and Juliet' set?
Week 1 Lesson 3: Synopsis and overview of characters
a. Verona
b. Venice
c. Rome
d. Florence

Question 2: What are the names of the two warring families?
a. Montagues and Capulets
b. Bocijas and Bennetts
c. Avilas and Corporonas
d. Pavarottis and Domingos
a. Romeo
b. Paris
c. Benvolio (Romeo's best friend)
d. No one. She is forbidden to marry.
a. Never see one another again
b. Meet up again in a few months
c. Get married as soon as possible.
d. Move to Florence together immediately
Question 5: What happens during the fight between Romeo and Tybalt?
a. Romeo is killed.
b. Tybalt is killed.
c. Both are wounded but neither of them is killed.
d. They end up becoming friends.
Question 6: What happens to Romeo as a result of the fight with Tybalt?
a. He is killed by the Capulets in revenge .
b. He is banished from the city on pain of death.
c. Juliet breaks up with him.
d. He commits suicide out of remorse
Question 7: After the fight with Tybalt, Juliet refuses to marry whom?
a. Romeo.
b. Tybalt.
c. Barry
d. Paris
Question 8: The friar (priest) helps Juliet by doing what?
a. The friar gives Juliet a liquid that will make everyone think she's dead, so she can escape to Mantua and marry Romeo.

b. The friar agrees to kill Paris so that Juliet doesn't have to marry him and can marry Romeo instead.

c. None of the above
Overview of characters
Activity: Character descriptions for Romeo, Juliet, and three minor characters
1. Working individually.
2. Copy out the character descriptions for Romeo and Juliet from p.19.
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