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The Scopes Trial and The Sacco and Vanzetti Trial

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kimberly tlayaca

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Scopes Trial and The Sacco and Vanzetti Trial

The Scopes Trial and the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial were both very important events that happened in the 1920's.

Important subjects we will be talking about:
Surrounding the Scopes Trial
Darwinism(Theory of Evolution)
Scope trial and intolerance
Reasons for the arrest and trial of Sacco and Vanzetti
How prejudice and nativism impacted the out come of the trial
The facts of the case
Conflicts Surrounding the Scopes Trial
The court had a nativist attitude toward Sacco and Vanzetti.
Negativism impacted the outcome , because Sacco and Vanzetti were both Italian immigrants.
Since they were not Americans and they were immigrants the trial was unfair.
As a result of being immigrants they were found guilty and executed.
The religious theories of creationism hold that matter.
The various forms of life.
The world was created by God out of nothing, retain their original God-created forms, and are unchangeable.
"anti-evolution" creationists have been leading opposition to the teaching of evolution since the 1920s.
Religious point of view (creationism)
As a result of the scopes trial, John Thomas Scopes was found guilty and fined $100 and his counsel appealed to the Supreme Court of Tennessee for reversal of the verdict.
John Scopes was fired from his job at the high school.
Later, on appeal, the Tennessee supreme court upheld the constitutionality of the law, but reversed Scopes’ conviction on the technical point that the fine had been excessive.
Scope trial and intolerance
Darwinism (Theory Of Evolution)
Reasons for the arrest and trial of Sacco and Vanzetti
The Scopes Trial and The Sacco and Vanzetti Trial
by Esmeralda, Brianna, Elvis, Sam, and Kimberly
Period 2, Group 6, Sacco and Venzetti Trial and the scopes trial

The trial involved a high school teacher named John Thomas Scopes, and it took place in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925.
Scopes was found guilty of violating a Tennessee law that made it illegal to teach the theory of evolution in public schools.
This theory suggests that human beings developed from simpler life forms over a long period.
By law, public school teachers were allowed to teach only the Biblical account of the Creation, which tells how God created all life and human beings as they exist today.
Sacco & Vanzetti were arrested for an armed robbery in South Braintree, Massachusetts.
A guard and a paymaster were killed.
They were promptly found guilty and were sentenced to die in the electric chair.
The judge at their trial called them, "Damned Dagos".
Regardless, Sacco and Vanzetti were executed in 1927.
Research later indicated that Sacco probably was guilty of the murders and probably had Vanzetti's help in the robbery.
In conclusion the scopes trial was about a teacher who teached evolution. He was arrested for it and found guilty and fined 100 dollars. The Sacco and Vanzetti trial was a trial where Sacco and Vanzetti were charged of stealing and murdering 2 guards. This was an unfair trial to many people espacially to immigrants because the case did not have much evidence to prove that they were guilty. As a result many people protested agianst there trial saying that they were not guilty .
Facts of the Case
Theme: Intolerance & Prejudice
Tierney, Kevin. "Scopes trial." World Book Student. World Book, 2014. Web. 14 Mar. 2014.
Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by Charles Darwin
Stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.
Darwinism is basically when mankind shows that humans started off as monkeys then we developed into actual human beings from walking on our hands and feet to walking only on our feet and growing less hair during the time.

There were seven eyewitnesses, (Andrews, Tracy, Heron, Pelser, Splaine, Devlin, and Good ridge)
Other witnesses said that Sacco looked like one of the theives.
Absence from work:

Sacco didn't go to work the day of the crime.
Eyewitness Identification:

Four witnesses (Faulkner, Dolbeare, Levangie, and Reed) placed Vanzetti near the crime scene.
They saw him in the back of a car near South Braintree Square between ten and twelve.
Vanzetti's gun
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America:the Story of us By Kevin Baker 210 A&E Television Networks, LLC New York
How prejudice and natavism impacted the outcome of the trial
The theme is that both cases were unfair and that many people disagreed with the Sacco and Venzetti trial because many people thought that there was not enough evidence that proved that they killed two Americans. Also it was unfair because they were executed without having or knowing that they did the crime.
The Scopes trial was unfair because many people thought that in schools they should not teach evolution and only should teach how the world was created through the bible.
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