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Underage Drinking

15 minute psycho-educational presentation encompassing underage drinking for use with parents considering the broad spectrum of pre-kindergarten to high school students

Jennifer Ann Wendland

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Underage Drinking

by Jennifer Ann Wendland Underage Drinking High School First use of alcohol is reported to start at age 12. Elementary and Middle School 63% of college students drink alcohol, 43% who admit to binge drinking. College Its effects on the body and consequences for use. Underage Drinking 83% of children say their parents are the
leading influence in their decision
not to drink alcohol. Prevention New Jersey Facts The rate of current alcohol consumption increases with age from 2% at age 12 to 21% at age 16... 12-20 year old
Alcohol Consumption within one month ...............27.2%
Binge drinking within 30 days.......................18.3%
Under the age of 18
Arrested for DUI.............................................................298
Arrested due to Liquor Laws...........................................6,640 Talk with your children starting at an early age, and never stop.
Give your children facts.
Establish rules and values that are clear and easy to understand.
Drinking under 21 years old is illegal. Make sure they are aware that you have no tolerance for underage drinking.
Talk about the consequences of drinking alcohol underage.
Brains are still developing.
Plan for experiences with alcohol, such as having to say "no" to peers.
Build confidence. Communication is Important Talking to your child about the negative effects of alcohol really will make a difference. Per 100,000 Population
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The Century Council (2012). Underage drinking: Young drivers and alcohol. Retrieved from http://www.centurycouncil.org/underage-drinking/young-drivers-and-alcohol. In 2009, for drivers age 15 to 20 years old...
5,148 were involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes
2,336 were killed
33% of those killed were legally intoxicated (a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of .01 or higher)
28% had a BAC of .08 or higher

35% of teens list drinking and driving as an issue they care strongly about Impact on High School Students Teen reported punishments that would stop or keep them from consuming alcohol again include...
• 68% stated getting in trouble with the police/law
• 55% stated getting in trouble or suspended from school
• 44% stated getting suspended or kicked off the team/club
• 42% stated getting grounded
• 42% stated losing computer/Internet/IM (or Internet chat room) privileges
• 41% stated getting kicked out of the house
• 37% stated getting yelled at
• 33% stated losing allowance
• 32% stated losing driving privileges

Threat of punishment if caught drinking alcohol diminishes with age...
87% of 12 year olds say they would definitely not continue to drink
50% of 13 to 15 year olds olds say they would definitely not continue to drink
46% of 16 to 18 year olds are likely not to drink given the threat of punishment

Good news...only 4% overall would continue to drink Consequences The Century Council: Distillers Fighting Drunk Driving and Underage Drinking

Parent and Caregiver Resources to Stop Underage Drinking

Parents. The Anti-Drug.

MADD- Power of Parents

Parents Step-Up: Prevention of Underage Drinking

The Partnership at Drugfree.org: Support and Resources for Parents Dealing with Teen Drug and Alcohol

Underage Drinking: A Family Matter

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources: A program for Children's Aid and Family Services
tcadr.org/ SAC, School Counselors, Teachers, and Administrators...
Here to help all students lead successful lives! We are here to help! 15 minute psycho-educational presentation encompassing underage drinking for use with parents considering the broad spectrum of elementary to high school students. ...and then as teenagers enter young adulthood...
56% at age 20. Kids choosing not to drink because their parents ask them not to..........62%

After talking with their parents about the effects of underage drinking, kids explain that they choose not to drink because they...
Don't want to
It is unsafe
It is unhealthy
It is illegal
It is not considered "cool"
Don't want to lose the trust of their parents Kids really do listen to their parents...
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