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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

No description

Emma Gibbons

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Miss Murray and Miss Gibbons Gardner's
Multiple Intelligences According to Gardner's theory there are 8 forms of intelligence.
Logical - Mathematical
Spatial - Visual
Bodily - kinesthetic
Naturalistic Multiple Intelligences Linguistic Spatial - Visual Bodily - Kinesthetic Logical - Mathematical Quiz Physical learners "do-ers".
Prefer learning in short bursts.
Interested in sport and "hands on" subjects. Techniques for teaching kinesthetic learners:
Using models
Role Playing Problem solvers.
Recognize patterns in their surrounding.
Typically more interested in mathematics and science. Techniques for teaching logical learners:
Highlight reasoning behind concepts
Practicing answering questions
Completing complex puzzles 1. In 30 seconds what is Gardner's multiple intelligence theory?
2. Name a differences between multiple intelligence and IQ?
3. What are the 8 types of intelligence?
4. If you were a spatial learner what are 3 activities you would enjoy?
5. Which learners enjoy building models?
6. What are 2 techniques you could use to effectively teach a linguistic learner?
7. Science and maths are commonly favourite subjects of which type of intelligence?
8. Why is it important to recognize the different types of intelligence? Focuses on oral and written language.
Individuals possess highly developed auditory skills and often think in words.
Enjoy reading, playing word games, and writing poetry and stories. Techniques for teaching linguistic learners:
Class discussions
Note taking Focuses on physical space.
Individuals are very aware of their environments and have an appreciation for the arts.
Enjoy drawing, doing jigsaw puzzles and reading maps Techniques for teaching visual learners:
Demonstrations Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner proposed that intelligence could not be defined as a single factor but as a range of specific areas in which people have individual strengths in. Homework 1. Write 3 keys points about the remaining 4 types of intelligence.

2. Specify the difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.
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