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Tobi Anderson

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of CHOOSE LOVE

Lessons & Discussion Questions
What do
you think??
What is one thing that stuck with you from Houston Kraft’s message?

What could you relate with?

How do you think this will this change the way you see or treat people?
What is an assumption?
Can I have four volunteers who don’t mind sharing with the class?

Think privately about the most important item in your house…

Write it secretly on the note card I give you and hand it back to me.

I am going to write these items on the board, and then we’ll try to guess which item each person wrote.

What do you think we know/don’t know about the volunteers?

How did we draw those conclusions? How did that play a role in our guessing?

How many assumptions do we make about the people in our class? In our school?

What are some possible consequences to making assumptions about other people?

Day Two
Debrief Questions
What did you see?

What would you see walking
down our halls?

What can we take away
from watching this?

How would people act differently
if everyone had a
pair of “perspectacles?”

Of course perspectacles don’t exist,
but do we need them to treat people with kindness?

What’s one thing you can do today to treat people with love?

You will be anonymously sharing YOUR story.

Write your name ONLY on the back of your perspectacles!
On the LEFT side of the glasses, write down one thing you have or are currently struggling with. This can be an inner struggle or an outer struggle.

On the RIGHT side of the glasses, write down one thing you have or are currently proud of.

Decorate your perspectacles, but be aware that they will be up in the cafeteria. Share what you are comfortable sharing. They will remain anonymous.

Day Three
Anticipatory QUESTIONS…
Raise your hand if you have ever seen a negative or mean post about someone you knew online.

Raise your hand if you have seen
a negative post about someone at Tarkanian.

We are going to watch a video
that shows how powerful
posts on social media can be.

As you watch, think about the consequences
of each person’s actions in the video…

Debrief Questions
What did you see?

What are the consequences
for the girl for sharing a
photo like that?

What are the consequences
for the boy who chose to
pass the photo on?

How is being bullied over text messages
online or online different from face to face?
How is it the same?

Do you personally have rules or
guidelines regarding what
you post online?

We are what we post.
Be a positive poster!
Ask yourself 3 questions...
Is is helpful?
Is it positive?
Is it the me I
want to be?
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