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AJ Stouth

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of ENERGY DRINKS

What is an Energy Drink?
What Are Some Alternative Things You Can Drink?
What Are They Made From?
How Will This Affect My Body?
What Is a Sport Drink?
What Are They Made Of?
How Will This Affect My Body?
Why Do People Drink Them?
Which Is Better For You?
Energy drinks are made from a number of different things. Although we always think of bad things when we hear the name, there's actually alot of good stuff in them. As a matter of fact the ingredients most commonly found are vitamins B12, B6 and B3. Although there is some ingrediens that aren't quite as good, such as caffeine and alot of simulated taurine. Taurine is a acid used for helping your heart, muscles and blood flow work faster. Which is the prblem because having too much is bad for you. Alot of energy drinks have a herb called ginseng in them, ginseng supposedly helps raise energy levels and is good for you. There is also an extremely high amount of sugar and salt in many different forms.
Sports drinks are actually quite simple when it comes to their ingredients. They contain water, obviously, and smaller amounts of salt and sugar than an energy drink. The main component to a sport drink is the electrolytes. Electrolytes are basically atoms that can cause conductivity (which is similar to electricity). But the electrolytes help the body sweat and cleans its self while replacing all the lost electrons (which cause energy). They also contain artificial colours and flavours.
So, the question is, why do people even drink sports drinks when there's other options such as water or juice? well other than the fact that they taste really good, people like them better because in their minds it seems like they make a difference. When people hear the name "sport drink" they automatically think it will enhance their performance, so they will drink them instead. Although their are the advantages with the electrolytes being replaced it really does not make much of a difference.
-Vitamin Water
-All Sport
-My Zone
-Red Bull
-Rock Star
-Full Throttle
-Xyience Xenergy
-VPX Redline
-XS Energy
What people should really want to know about energy drinks is how it is affecting their bodies. which is, indeed, negatively. With all the sugars and artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours, comes many different problems. Such as high blood pressure, tooth decay and even type 2 diabetes. Also, if the consumer has too many energy drinks, they could actually be having TOO MUCH vitamins, which can lead to liver and nerve problems. All of these things can add up over time and become dangerous for people who drink these energy drinks. Things such as hypertension can become permanent and other brain and digestive/respiratory system malfunctions/problems. Also having so much caffeine can cause permanent sleeping problems such as insomnia.
Although we all think energy drinks are the fastest most efficient way to wake up or stay awake, there's actually healthier things we could drink. Such as green juices and smoothies. By this i mean juices and smoothies made from green vegetables, fruits and herbs such as spinach or parsley. They actually help boost your metabolism, which helps you stay awake and energized longer. If you're not into that kind of thing there is different kinds of tea, especially green tea, that can keep you energized. Tea has less caffeine than coffee and also helps lower your risk of heart disease. Coffee is not good for you but is still a better alternative than an energy drink. Protein shakes can also help too because protein gives you energy, lack of protein often makes people feel exhausted all the time. Believe it or not water is also an excellent source too. When you are dehydrated your cells become slower and you become tired so drinking lots of water can keep your energy levels up!
There aren't many health risks or problems with drinking sports drinks. This is because there isn't much bad stuff in them. The main problems people might run into with them is tooth decay, from all the sugars in the drink, and weight gain. Also from the mass amount of sugar and calories that are meant to be replacing lost ones of an athlete. If you are an athlete competing, well sports drinks would actually be way better for you than water or any other juices. This is because of the electrolytes in them that water cannot provide, and its very important for athletes to keep their energy levels up and not lose electrolytes.
An energy drink is any kind of beverage that can give you energy by drinking it. They often have "stimulant drugs" in them which is basically caffeine and sugars. They are always caffeinated drinks and are sometimes carbonated, but not always and have high sugar and sometimes salt contents. They were developed of the soft drink industry, meaning pops. They often have high concentrations of vitamins and herbs in them which is good and bad in different ways.
Sports drink are a soft drink that is designed for athletes doing strenuous excersize. They contain lots of electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, and a high amount of sugar to restore energy in the body. Sports drinks do not contain caffeine and are only bad for you when they are misused.
After looking in depth at these two different types of drinks, i think the answer is quite clear. Sports drinks are generally way better for you than energy drinks. Although energy drink brands like to brag about all the vitamins and herbs in their drinks it doesn't quite make up for all the sugars salts and caffeine that's pumped into it too. The sole purpose of sports drinks is to restore the needed energy in your body that you lose from excersizing and the purpose of energy drinks is too give you a short bust of overwhelming energy. Although they both have a large dose of sugar in them, the energy drinks is higher and mixed with a WAY more dangerous combination.
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