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SMW - Viral Network Content

No description

Viral Network

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of SMW - Viral Network Content

How do YOU create It's what you say and how you say it! using social media? your story effectively this starts with the right content 1) Video 2) Infographics 3) Pictures Do's & Don'ts Video Do's Team pictures Share pictures Candid photos (real) Words in pictures Tag people/ companies Don'ts Personal pictures Annoying "Check this out" Comment on own pictures An informed investor is a happy investor. Thank You! "Data Viz" 2) Data is King
- Accurate & Clear 4) Then design is easy! 3) Understand the data 1) Story: Find the gap__s 4) Third Party
Content Infographic from Visual Capitalist
@VisualCap Produce the video! Incorporate music & sound Post to social media Calls to action Personality No longer than 3 minutes Don't be boring Don't stop at one! Never Go against compliance Engage third parties Promote with pic/video Retweets
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