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Copy of Middle School Rocks!

first of year 2012

Saundra Walton

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Middle School Rocks!

You don’t have to memorize details now. You can get on-line and read the Student Handbook at any time.
Be Responsible.
Be on time. Have your supplies for class. Have any homework completed (homework in my class often means reading). Study for TESTS!

Be Respectful.
Follow adult’s directions the first time they’re given. Listen when others are speaking. Speak kindly to and about other people.

Be Safe.
Walk. Always use self-control. If there is a problem, notify an adult.

Be a Learner.
Participate in class. Go to tutorials if a little extra work could boost your grade. Stay focused in class. Do your assigned work. Don’t complain.

Choose KIND!!
So, in a nutshell,
if you’ll just do these things, you won’t have to worry about being written up, or passing the STAAR test, or getting great grades in your classes, if you....
And remember that the only things which should be in your book bags are books and bookmarks.
No pens and pencils.
No candy.
check out
my books!

If you leave the room without checking out a book appropriately, it is stealing.
As you may have noticed, there’s a class library in the back of the room. It’s in what I like to call the “Reading Nook.”
Listen carefully when I describe the rules for checking out a book from my library.

Always take your AR book with you to
of your classes!
You will have several ways to get your AR points every nine weeks.
School library (we will have a library day, every two weeks). I also have a pass you may use only
with permission
at other times like Raider Pride.
My classroom library
The public library
Books you have at home or
borrow from friends or electronically.
If you do not know about Accelerated Reader, let me know. We will have an explanation time for students who are new to the program. We have some goals we will discuss later. There is usually an end of the year goal that you will want to work toward, too.
There will be NO gum allowed
in this classroom.

If I see you chewing gum once, I will tell you to get rid of it immediately. If I see you a second time, you will be written up. I do not care if Mrs. So and So allows you to chew gum... It is a school rule!
Here are the important restroom rules!
Intermediate School Rules

There are always rules to follow in life.
There are rules to follow in any family.
Adults have rules when they have jobs.
College may be a lot less structured than public school, but those students have rules as well.

SO you know there will be
rules here in Raider Country.
Rules in the gym, rules in the cafeteria,
rules in the bathrooms, rules in the hall,
rules in the library...anywhere you go!
School Handbook

We will look over some of the important things in the
Lumberton Intermediate on-line handbook. Especially...

DRESS CODE will be discussed later.

Do not use “fun” colored ink on classwork. Use pencil, write dark enough for me to read it easily. You may need a red pen for grading so always have one with you.

When writing in a journal, you may use any color you would like... as long as I do not have to read it or grade it!
you have to be able to read what you have written!
NEVER (that means don’t ever) turn in any assignments to me on spiral notebook paper that has been torn out of a notebook.

I hate frilly edges! Use notebook paper with clean edges.
ALWAYS put your name on assignments. If a line is provided, write it on the line. If you are using notebook paper, write your name on the top line on the right; write the date underneath it, and underneath the date, write Walton Period _. Centered on the top line, write the assignment. It's ten points off without a name, and 5 points off without a date.

(Remember that papers without the
first and last name on them will
not be graded and you will get a
zero until identified!)
When it comes to homework and assignments, here is what I expect from you as a student in my class.

If you use “seen" incorrectly, say "birfday," “reef,” or “li-berry” in my classroom (or anywhere else where I hear you), I will look at you as if you are speaking a foreign language.
Most of the time, I will not answer you or respond to you because I do not understand any foreign languages, even though I did live outside the United States! Let's agree to stick to the correct English, please!
Do not say, “It’s mines.”
If something belongs to you, you would say to someone else:
“That’s mine.”
These men are working in mines. Mines are places underground where workers dig for coal. In Africa, they dig for diamonds in mines. Here in the United States we have many coal mines.
Here are a few things you need to know…
In my classroom, we speak correct English.
If you want to speak another way when you are at home or out in the world, go ahead. But when you are here at school, and I can hear you, I will correct your grammar!
Maybe you have seen this commercial…
If they were talking about me, it would be about grammar and speaking English…
So I am an English teacher, a wife, a mom, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a niece, and a friend.
Now you know a whole lot about me. Some of you I already know a little bit, but some of you I don’t know at all. In fact, I taught some of your parents!!! I hope during this school year we will all have a great time getting to know each other.
And I wanted so much to be a teacher!

I taught American History and Geography a long time ago at a small school (even smaller than Ehrhart! ).

Mrs. Stevens, in the front office, and Mrs. Dale, the librarian, worked with me then. In fact, their children were my students.
I have taught school as far back as 1978! I taught ELA Resource in West Orange and Kountze in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Then I stopped teaching to have my three children! When my youngest started first grade, I went back to teaching. I have taught many different subjects: Math, English, Social Studies, History, Science, Speech, Drama, Bible, Yearbook, Resource Math, and Resource Reading. I have taught grades 4 through High School English so 6th grade ELA is right in the middle where I love to be!

Just a note: There are many short stories which can be read to get A.R. points. Most are worth 0.5 (or half a point). There are several anthologies (books of short stories) in my library, with stories in almost any reading level. You may read these to fill in the gaps to achieve your A.R. goal.

However you MUST read whole books for the majority of your points.
You will have a short “break” between classes here in the building. You have time to go to the restroom, get a drink of water… and go to your next class. Nothing else.
Between Classes…

cuz gonna wanna “like” the end ya yeah
u r @ w/o

There will be a poster on the wall called our
These are words which you cannot use in your writing in our class. In fact, you need to get used to avoiding them in all of your classes.
It is not a REEF, unless it is made of coral and is off the coast of some distant island!
At Christmas, your mother may hang a WREATH on the door!
You do not celebrate a
You have a bir
day (your date of birth) once a year!
something, you did NOT seen it!
Mrs. Walton has some HUGE pet peeves which
you need to know about.
When I am talking, be quiet and listen.

Be in your seat when class starts.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

No cursing, offensive language, or put-downs of others.

If it doesn’t belong to you, leave it alone.

If your cell phone is out or rings, it is mine!!! DON'T LET ME SEE OR HEAR IT!!!

General Rules for this class are on the poster on the cabinet in a frame.
Now let’s get to the serious stuff… classroom rules and procedures, and Lumberton Intermediate School rules,

I wanted a degree in English, so I went to Lamar University while I worked in the hospital. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in English. It took me about 20 years, instead of the usual 4 years. But I never gave up!
But I always wanted something else…
I have three children and five grandchildren! My son lives in Chicago, and my two daughters live right here in Lumberton with their families!
Mrs. Walton

6th Grade English – Language Arts – Reading – Writing – Grammar
Who am I?
I expect you to treat my books with the same respect that you are expected to use for school library books.

What does that mean?
If you lose one of my books or it gets ruined, just let me know. You can replace it or pay for it. I know that things happen and one mistake is not a big deal.
Be honest with me and you can always borrow my books.
There is not a time limit on how long you keep my books (within reason). Every couple of weeks, I will remind you about books still checked out .
All of the books are AR books and you may “check out” all of those books to read and get your AR points.
You must “check out” my books with me at my desk, using my new scanner. If I am not at my desk, use one of the notecards beside the computer. I will be doing the scanning when you check them out and when they are returned so I can keep up with them.

When you reach your 9 week goal, I will hang your balloon from the ceiling. That’s what it means when you hear the expression: “I’m on the ceiling!”
Each of you will get a hot air balloon to write your name on for this year’s AR tracker on the wall next to the Reading Nook. As you read your books and get your points, you will move your balloon up the board by % of your goal reached … Reach for the sky!
There is no such thing as a li-berry.
So we do not say it in school or my classroom.
If you want to google it, it is not there! If you want to put it in Map Quest, you will see that it does not exist!
The place where we go every other week to check out books is called a library.
Just remember:
Three strikes and you are OUT!
Disciplinary procedures will be very different this year. Detention will no longer be the usual first response to behavior problems.

The best way to avoid the new discipline procedures is to stay out of trouble!
There will be Behavior Bashes.
It will be entirely up to Mrs. Richard whether or not your behavior will prevent you from attending those events.
Remember: Any serious problems will be sent to Mrs. Richard immediately.
If you get three strikes of any kind in one class period, I will send your name to the principal. You will be called in to speak with her (probably the next morning) and any disciplinary measures will be up to her.
Just like baseball: three strikes and you are OUT!
If you break the rules in class, I will tell you to put your name on the board (or I will do it myself). That is ONE strike.
Each time your name or a check goes on the board, it’s a STRIKE.
On the wall, you will see the STRIKE BOARD.
I have lived most of my adult life in Lumberton, but before that, I lived all over the world. I was born in England! We moved back to the states (Arkansas and Virginia) for a few years, and then we moved to Japan for about four years. When we returned to America, I lived in Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, California, Idaho, and finally Texas! No, we were not fugitives, running from the law! My father was a pilot in the United States Air Force. It was an exciting life, moving from one adventure to another! When Dad retired, we came back to his hometown Beaumont, Texas.
I want all of my students to learn to love to read! So you can expect me to look shocked when you say,“I don’t like to read.”
I like to go to church, laugh, play games, and go to the movies with my husband...
Lumberton Intermediate School
Another school year begins…
Sixth Grade Rocks!
I will bring the donuts to class on the day we have our AR Party! We will also play games or watch a movie on party day.
At the end of every nine week period, we will have an AR party where I will bring donuts for everyone who earns his/her party. You may bring additional snacks and treats as well. The rest of you will go to a designated reading room.
Don’t bother coming to me to tell me that other people outside of my classroom say those words incorrectly. Those people are NOT my students and I am NOT their teacher.

I care about you. I care about how YOU speak. I care about how the world sees YOU and that the world sees you as an intelligent, well-spoken young man or young woman (who goes to Lumberton Intermediate School!).
Addison is 16 and a junior this year at LHS. Branson, who just turned 12, is in the 6th grade on this campus. Colton is starting 4th grade this year , also here on this campus! His sisters are Kinley who is starting 1st grade this year, and Kambri, who will be five years old in January! They are all very important to me (Gran), and mean the world to me and my husband (G-Pa)! He is an avid bow hunter and golfer!
I am also a Grandma!

There will also be other homework and projects from time to time, but the reading is an ABSOLUTE every night thing!)
You will write every day in your agenda book for the next nine weeks 'READ 30' as your homework assignment for ELA, adding other assignments as needed. Your conduct grade comes from this book so be accurate!
Experts say that you have to do something 14 times routinely to make it a HABIT. So, if you do this, in a couple of weeks, reading will be a habit for you.
On this card you'll be able to build up toward "Dream Bucks" !
You will have some special cards this year as well will keep a record of good things!
You can collect character stickers. Each teacher has them. To get an "R" (respect) character sticker, you must be seen by a teacher doing something which demonstrates integrity, good character. (By the way, telling a teacher that you deserve a sticker automatically means you didn't show integrity.)
And there will be a second way to earn DREAM BUCKS!
Each of your teachers has a special, unique stamp. They will use these stamps on your cards when you go above and beyond expectations in class. Sometimes you will know in advance that, if you complete a task, you can earn a stamp. Other times, it will be a surprise.
So, you may ask, how does this DREAM BUCKS stuff work? And why do I want any?
Because at the end of every six week period, you get REWARDS based on your Dream Bucks total!

One character sticker is worth $10 in Dream Bucks!
Each teacher stamp is worth $1 Dream Buck!
If you earn the equivalent of $40 Dream Bucks, at the end of six weeks you get to experience
"Dining In with the Teachers."

"Dining In with the Teachers" means you have a day when you don't go to the cafeteria with the rest of the middle school. You get to stay here, eat a wonderful meal prepared by the teachers FOR YOU, and served to you BY THE TEACHERS!
A "Fantabulous" Year in ELA!
There are more, but right now I am going to highlight the
And this is the newest member of my little family: Josie
Josie is a rescue dog and I got her in April. She's a
terrier, but who knows what kind! She is sweet and energetic and loves people. She also LOVES yogurt
and dog toys.
Is that yogurt???
Her first boat ride
at the Lake of the
Ozarks in Missouri -
look at those ears!
It will include words, symbols, abbreviations and non-words like these:
We will add to it as the year goes on.
Remember that, when you are writing on paper, you are not texting on a phone. You must use whole words and complete sentences.
"I saw the teacher."
"I saw my book on the desk."
"I saw how mad Mrs. Walton was when I said,
I seen it.
Look closely at the spelling!
I am not Mrs. So and So; refer back to page one for my name!
You can access AR Bookfinder to find out if a book you have at home is an AR book.
I realize some of these books are already well-read "used" so I know they cannot come back in better shape than they left! Just do your best to take care of them.
That's Grammar, not Grandma!
(but I am that, too!)
Diana, Andy, and Julie
15. Tennis shoes are strongly encouraged to be worn for P.E. classes
Addison, Branson, and Gary
Dustin, Julie, Colton, Kinley, and Kambri
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