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"The School Play" by Gary Soto

No description

Amy Roberto

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of "The School Play" by Gary Soto

"The School Play" by Gary Soto
Background knowledge
What's the story about?
"The School Play" is about a class preparing to perform "The Last Stand" which is a play based on an incident in 1846.
In the end?
Only 47 travelers made it through the winter. The Donner Pass is now a national landmark.
Thank you!
What happened in the incident?
In 1846, a group of 9 pioneers from Illinois and nearby states took a trip to California. The group was led by George Donner and Jacob Donner.
What happened then?
They became so desperate for food, that some of the remaining travelers ate the bodies of the dead to survive.
What happened to the Donner group?
When trying to cross the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, the Donner group became snowbound. The travelers ran out of food and supplies. Some died of starvation.
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