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Famous Scientists

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Amrita Johal

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Famous Scientists

Famous Scientists
Ignaz Semmelweiz
Father of antiseptic techniques. Reduced death rates simply by introducing hand-washing while helping mothers give birth.
Robert Koch
Known as the father of microbiology
He discovered the microbes that caused Tuberculosis, cholera and athrax.
His technique for linking disease to a microbe is still used today as the gold standard.
Louis Pasteur
Father of the Germ theory of disease by disproving Spontaneous Generation using the kinky flask experiment. This proved that microbes make food go off, he invented pauterisation.m
Alex Flemming

Alexander Fleming discovers antibotics- peniucillan, saving millions of lives.
Florance Nitingale
Acted as a nurse during the Crimean war 10x
more patients died from dysentery, cholera
or typhus than from their wounds.
She believed that patients needed better care and nutrition. She improved their survival by looking after them properly,she did not appreciate diseases were infections. She therefore helped them by accident.She was also developed pie chart.
Facts about more scientists ..
Gram invents the gram stain allowing bacteria to be seen clearly through the light microscope

1887 the bacteriologist Julius petri (assistant Robert Koch) invents the petri dish for culturing bacteria.

1892 Dmitri losifovich Lvanovski discovered viruses- The tobacco Mosaic virus never grown before because they cannot be grown on agar- they need living cells

Joseph Lister
Introduced sterilization to surgical technique
Surgeons were told to sterilize the skin/wound with carbolic acid before cutting into the skin. King Edward v11 had appendicitis and insisted Joseph Lister advise the surgical team. Hence listerine mouthwash

Modern Time

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