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on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet

Book By: Gary Paulsen
Book Report By: Indira Robinson

The Genre is realistic fiction because it could happen but it didn't.
Brian is the main character.
The two pilots were also characters.
Some other characters are the tornado, skunk, moose, porcupine, his mom, and foolbirds.

It takes place some where in the Canadian forest in the early summer.
Rising Action
Falling Action
The theme is never give up even in the worst of times.
I could really imagine it when Brian was in the tornado and getting thrown around like a rag and his whole shelter was ruined.
Man vs. Man: Man vs. Man was when Brian was very mad at his mom for kissing another man that was not his father.

Man vs. Nature: Man vs. Nature was when the female moose was attacking Brian.

Man vs. Self: Man vs. Self was when Brian was feeling so sorry for himself and crying.

The rising action is Brian's parents get a divorce and he was flying to see his dad in a plane with only him and the pilot and the pilot has a heart attack and he crashes somewhere in the Canadian forest.
The falling action is he learns to survive in the wilderness and is waiting for months for someone to rescue him.
The resolution is Brian goes in the plane and gets the survival pack. He messes with an emergency transmitter and it does nothing and he thinks it's broken. Then all of a sudden a plane comes and a pilot comes out and says he heard the emergency transmitter.
First, his parents get a divorce and he is in a plane to see his dad with no one but him and the pilot. Then, the pilot starts stroking his left arm and smelling bad and has a heart attack. Third, Brian crashes in the Canadian forest and is struggling to survive. Next, he kind of has a reality check and learns what he needs to do to survive.After that, there is a tornado and everything is ruined. Finally, he gets the survival pack from the plane and messes with the emergency transmitter and a pilot comes and finds him.
The climax was when he has a pity party and feels so sorry for himself and nothing is going his way.
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