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Programme MEDIA

No description


on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Programme MEDIA

Programme MEDIA What is MEDIA? Final Data Future development Europeanization? Policy analysis Europeanization of the Czech Film Industry via EU’s Programme MEDIA MEDIA gained major importance as a source for cinema funding
from being mentioned to strong point in SWOT analysis
new cinematography legislative and Czech grant settings admittedly inspired by MEDIA MEDIA as part of the Creative Europe
Original demand from the Commission: € 900 mil. for MEDIA (2014-2020) funding = fulfilling obligations, conditions, adjusting projects
funded repeatedly, willingly with success
Mainly independent, not mainstream projects Goal and Method EU programme that helps European film and audiovisual industry (development, distribution, promotion)
created 1991 (MEDIA I), MEDIA II 1996-2000, MEDIA Plus 2001-2006, MEDIA 2007 (2007-2013)
in Czech Republic since 2002
main goals:
to increase competitiveness of European films and audiovisual works
to support the diversity, dialog among cultures MEDIA 2007 € 755 mil. FOCUS: Czech film industry (2002-2012)
goal to analyze and evaluate impact of MEDIA , show trends in development theoretical approach: Europeanization
concept that focuses on domestic changes caused by EU influence
phases: 1.adaptional pressure 2. Goodness of fit 3. facilitating institutions Application in Czech Republic:
analysis of the supported projects & policy documents
5 areas of Funding 1. Development single projects, slate funding, interactive projects, TV broadcasting
mainly small productions with single projects (documentaries, animated movies, 2 games - Family farming)
repeated applications
no success in TV production area
95 projects supported, over € 3 mil. 2. Distribution automatic and selective support
automatic based on ticket sales for European movies in previous year
largest amount of funding
stable group of receivers
mainly large companies (Magic Box, Falcon, Bontonfilm, SPI...)
TV Distribution - film Wichterle 3. Festivals and Promotion stable group of supported festivals (One World, Summer Film School, Anifest, Ex Oriente Film...)
high level of successful applications
Promotion: East European Forum, Ex Oriente Promotional Programme
long term contracts 4. Training workshops, trainings
Ex Oriente film - workshops for documentary makers
CIANT - New Media
MIDPOINT - platform for screenplay and dramaturgy
ANOMALIA - 3D animation 5. New technologies Doc Alliance Films - web portal offering documentary films
InVitr0 - for talented creators of online videos Successful rate Czech projects: about 27%
(slightly above EU average = 23%)

Example of call for proposals in Development: fragmented market and cultural environment digitalisation and changes in perception, distribution, production of culture access to finances lack of data for complex analysis Main future topics ABSORPTION

European model incorporated (by industry and authorities)
slight domestic changes
smaller companies more dependent on funding EU + Film Industry DOMESTIC CHANGE €15 mil = 1,46% EU audiences, language diversity New technologies,
innovative distribution platforms 1996 2008 US 74,9 % US 63,2%
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