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AIESEC conference!!

No description

Darko Zadro

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of AIESEC conference!!

470 conference 113 country internacional National Regional Local ScaLDS (Leadership Development Seminar for AIESEC members of the executive board from Scandinavian Countries)
WenaLDS (Leadership Development Seminar for people interested in leadership position, held annually in the Western Europe region)
EuroCo (Conference for Local Committee Presidents held annually in the Western Europe)
WeGrow (Conference for Local Committee Vice Presidents held annually in the Western Europe)
International Congress (Conference for national representatives,Member Committee, of all AIESEC countries) FLMS (Future Leaders Motivation Seminar)

WNatCo ( Winter National Conference )

SNatCo (Summer National Conference) EX YU LTS ( Local Training Seminar ) AIESEC Conference's 5-7 day conference for local and national leaders
Developing strategies and international direction
Building leadership, networks and cooperation 3-7 day conference for all national members
Bringing together all members of the local committees
Engaging in nation-wide topics and learning sessions Why you should attend AIESEC conferences:

• Be among the people that develop the strategy and direction that influence your city, country and the world

• Get practical knowledge and training on turning strategy into action.

• Be an ambassador of your city or country

• Get the opportunity to network and connect with people with similar interests from all over the world

• Be a trainer or facilitator

•Connect with experts on issues and representatives from different partnering organizations and countries AIESEC Culture ? Shouts Roll colls Punishments Games Gossip box Sugar Cubes Experiec from conference! See u on FLMS 2012. !!! Conference fee: 110 KM U cijenu je uključeno:
4 dana boravka u hotelu
(puni pansion)
Prijevoz iz Sarajeva do Jahorine
Demage fee 01.-04.11. 2012.


Hotel Nebojša and what about party????
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