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How did I attract/address my audience?

I look at Fans, secondary audience, stars, uses and gratifications theory.

Charlie Rideout

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of How did I attract/address my audience?

How is it unique? How did I address my audience? My film 'Axed' is totally unique. As it is a Horror-adventure horror this is an extremely rare hybrid of film this should hopefully appeal to the audience as it is so unique. It also doesn't contain young blonde girls; instead four young lads. This will add a twist to the film as it goes against the conventional horror narrative, therefore appealing to the audience as they will want to see this new adaption of the accustomed horror film. It is also unique because it contains so many sub-genres and themes; not only good vs. bad; but revenge and mystery. It also contains enigma and action codes this will make the film some ride for the audience! What was the cliff hanger? The cliff hanger is the killing and the shot of the murderer outside; who then vanishes. This should entice the audience and keep them on a cliff edge at this point the music increases thus does the tension. How does it appeal to the secondary audience? It appeals to the secondary audience of horror film lovers as it follows the conventional storyline and it is filmed in an isolated setting. Our secondary audience will watch it for entertainment and will therefore not be as inclined to fall into the realism of the film; because like the stereotypical horror films it contains unsuspecting victims and a hidden and mysterious assailant. The opening sequence also contains scary jumps cuts when Gus is heading upstairs and awkward cutting of shots in order to make these horror lovers feel shocked by the tension and suspension of the film. this will appeal to the adrenaline junky of the horror genre lover, who go to watch a film for these scary bits. They will also enjoy the adventure bits as they will want to word out the enigma of the story and hopefully find out the answers for themselves. As there are many untold questions and clues throughout to the answer of these questions. The film also contains stars this will entice the audience not only from our primary and secondary but even from a tertiary audience; people who love the actors! How will the audience respond? The primary and secondary audience will watch the film for different reasons; they will also respond differently.
Firstly, the primary audience will identify role models, these will be the character that will be most similar to the audience themselves. As they will be more than likely in a group this will speak a discussion about the film, characters and possible answers to there subconscious questions. They will also escape reality and find them selves in the shoes of there role models this will make them attached to the film.
Whereas the horror lovers will be trying to work out the killers motives and answer the questions; as they are older they will probably not make role models and form a connection with a character, However they will be entertained. How does it appeal to the target audience? It appeals to my primary audience of 15-19 year old teenagers. This is because it contains a lot of action this will appeal greatly to the target audience. I contains some gruesome scenes especially the murder scene this will keep the audience 'hooked' as they are left with a cliff hanger as they want to know 'why was he murdered', etc. Additionally having the characters the same age as the target audience will also help the audience identify them and therefore fall into to the escapism of the narrative of the film. Hopefully they envisage themselves as one of the characters. The film also contains lots of horror and suspense this is produced by the awkward high and low angle shots that keep the audience interested. For example, when the guys enter the house. Furthermore the point-of-view shot of Gus looking out of the window and sees Malcolm. This make the audience feel vulnerable; thus keeping them in the realism of the film. We used sound to create tension as they get out of the car this makes the audience feel terror-stricken and on the look out as they themselves feel in danger. As the music crescendo's when they up to the reaction of seeing Malcolm. As the audience will more than likely be watching in groups they will feel as if it is them following through then narrative. They will also be trying to work out the film.
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