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What is the Difference Between Old Schools and Modern School

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aryav bajoria

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of What is the Difference Between Old Schools and Modern School

What is the Difference Between Old Schools and Modern Schools?
We do not have one-room school houses now. Our schools now have several classrooms. Every single class is for a different grade. In fact, we have a few classrooms for each grade. Another thing we have now is a speaker system to give important information to the whole school. Also, we have air conditioners if it's too hot.
Old School Details:
Now we do not use a slate and a piece of chalk. We use a lot of technology including tablets and laptops. We also use a dry erase marker and a white board. To write we now use pencils, pens, and papers. Also, the standard school year is now of 180 days. It is now illegal to hit or slap a student with anything.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, one-room school houses were very common. Teachers taught kids who where in grades 1-8 all in one class. The youngest students sat in the front while the older students sat in the back. We have heaters now, but in the old days, the room was heated with a stove.
Back then, the school year was much shorter. Students attended school for only 132 days, that is if they weren't helping their families with crops. At that time, the attendance percentage was only 59 percent. All students studied with only a slate and piece of chalk. In the olden days, students did not understand their work and only memorized it. After the lesson, they would recite what they had memorized. Also, teachers were aloud to slap and hit students.
Old School Details:
Modern School Details:
Modern School Details:
Old School
Modern School
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