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No Log-In Required: Free Web 2.0 Tools for Technology Integration

TATN Presentation for TCEA 2013

Gena Montgomery

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of No Log-In Required: Free Web 2.0 Tools for Technology Integration

+Thinking Mathmatically+ Weird
Converter Web 2.0 Calculator Foo Plot Pictographs Solvr Let's Collaborate 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Publish Web Pages Tackk - Create web pages that are good for one week without a sign up. Create Comics Write Comics - Choose characters, props, and backgrounds, and then add dialog boxes Our Mission Use Images to: Document procedures during a science experiment
Model problem solving using manipulatives in math
Edit a photograph of a setting to reflect tone in a piece of literature
Blabberize a picture of a historical figure to explain their contributions to society
Design a movie poster for a book you've read
Make a pocket album or photo collage to illustrate a theme or to classify objects Sound Off Vocaroo - record sound online

Record MP3 - similar to Vocaroo

Sound Cloud - download music licensed under Creative Commons

CC Mixter - download music licensed under Creative Commons Get Creative with Text No Log-in Required Chart it! Free Web 2.0 Tools for Technology Integration Explore technology tools that: live on the web
require no e-mail or log-in to use
allow students to create and collaborate Mapmaker - Choose data from a detailed list and watch Mapmaker generate a map displaying the data

MapMaker Interactive - Similar to Mapmaker, from National Geographic (Flash based)

Pie Color - Create pie charts

Creately - Collaborate with others or work individually to create diagrams. Use the share link or a screenshot to preserve work without a log-in.

Diagrammr - Generate diagrams from sentences

Timelinr - Add events to create a timeline

Chartle - Create many types of charts and graphs online Draw Something! Sketchpad -Sketchpad offers a drawing canvas like Paint that allow options for paint or light. Pixlr Editor - Online drawing canvas and photo editor with layers and tools similar to Photoshop Express. DrawSave - DrawSave is an online drawing canvas with limited options. This site might be a better option for those students who are distracted by too many options. Sketchpad.io - Similar to Sketchpad, but allows uploading pictures for editing and supports layers Picfull - allows users to easily add filters to images. Blabberize - a fun site that allows you to upload an image, cut out a mouth, and add a voice message Big Huge Labs - TONS of fun things to do with photos...magazine covers, trading cards, motivational posters, and much, much more ImageChef - Similar to Big Huge Labs. You must have an account to save images, but generated images can be captured with browser extensions like Pixlr Grabber Screencasting Collaboration Tools Photo Fun Pixlr Express - a photo editor similar to Photoshop Express where students can make adjustments to photos and then add effects, borders, text, and stickers to images. Pixlr-o-matic adds playful effects and filters to uploaded images. Dinky Pages - Create disposable web pages with a tools similar to wikispaces. Dinky pages do not expire. http://goo.gl/KIMmu http://goo.gl/80ek http://goo.gl/mD7Oq Make Beliefs Comix - Make your own black and white comic strip with a click of the mouse. http://goo.gl/pZj4 Record your computer screen and download as an MP4, AVI, or FLV file http://goo.gl/XZo1 Fodey - Generate a newspaper and add text to other images.

Class Tools - Create fake Facebook pages and Tweets with Fakebook and Twister.

Add Letters - Add text to signs, newspapers, and images.

Your Good News - Generate the front page of a newspaper.

iFaketext - Add messages to generate a picture of a fake iphone texting conversation.

iFakesiri - Similar to iFake text, only for Siri

Wigflip - Generate speech bubbles, post-its, and more

Wordle - Create and customize word clouds

Tagxedo - Similar to Wordle, but with customization and download options http://goo.gl/d7MM http://goo.gl/epDlu http://goo.gl/uWCHo http://goo.gl/kuR5i http://goo.gl/eOsjb http://goo.gl/7lDau http://goo.gl/all5 http://goo.gl/M8qR http://goo.gl/33Fr @rrtechtchr Gena Montgomery Technology Integration Specialist, Chapel Hill ISD
Mt. Pleasant, TX gmontgomery@chisddevils.com Please remember to rate the TATN Academy (Session 132960) through the TCEA 2013 app or online at http://www.tcea.org/surveys. Join the Conversation: todaysmeet.com/nologin #nologinweb http://goo.gl/i5gY4 http://goo.gl/RuzLg http://goo.gl/xK3s http://goo.gl/re1Zn Illustrate a scene from my favorite book.
Sketch and label science concepts.
Draw objects that start with the letter T.
Draw 5 objects to represent a historical character. With drawings, I can... http://goo.gl/QXrO http://goo.gl/Fyv2 http://goo.gl/VwgHs http://goo.gl/CHG66 http://goo.gl/80ce http://goo.gl/R3Xfv http://goo.gl/jLly http://goo.gl/efncG http://goo.gl/S4gUB http://goo.gl/2Qyi With Audio Tools my students can... Record podcasts
Explain concepts
Tell stories
Select appropriate music for projects http://goo.gl/DifC http://goo.gl/jhMUI http://goo.gl/WUPhx http://goo.gl/pgmSc http://goo.gl/kO5Mo http://goo.gl/5xjV7 Online activities from Illuminations: Web 2.0 tools can help students check their work, learn graphing skills, represent data visually, and practice problem solving skills. http://goo.gl/Bojdj Prezi http://goo.gl/M69UB Smore http://goo.gl/3RMO5 http://goo.gl/W1HSl http://goo.gl/XR1U http://goo.gl/QQbP http://goo.gl/Pfot http://goo.gl/O7Yse http://goo.gl/Klku Twiddla - online interactive white board http://goo.gl/vzH9f http://goo.gl/hwnZ0 Wallwisher - multimedia bulletin board http://goo.gl/xi5A TitanPad - allows multiple people to collaborate on a document Students can: Brainstorm
Bookmark resources
Take notes
Collect feedback
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