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BMF Prezi

The best prezi ever created !

Briar Lemberg

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of BMF Prezi

Research Objectives
Idea's uncovered in the research
Campaign Objectives
Flying High
Milos Mrkaja & Charles Terrence
Jasmine Poole & Jack Spicer
Ella Gowland & Isabella Baggieri
Jordana Tickner & Anthony Mailli
Madeline Bloedel & Briar Lemberg

The Brief
Flying Higher
1. Determine consumer attitudes towards the Student Flights brand

2. Determine buying influences and values regarding travel agents

3. Ascertain motivations for travel

4. Find links between personality and travel agent buying behaviours

5. Understand links between holiday planning and media consumption

I want a cheap deal, but not a cheap experience



Raise awareness of the Black Market Flights product amongst the target market by 60% over the first 5 months. Equally, educate the consumers about who can buy Black Market Flights by the same 60% over the first 5 months.

“Dodgy, until people know the deal”
“Would definitely book once I knew the deal”
“Getting a sweetass deal”
“A secret word of mouth deal”
“Getting the best deal”
“Get me there cheap and in one piece and I’ll do it”
Outdoor Transit Media
Over 50% of consumers travel by bus (Roy Morgan, 2013a).
The Gap Year
Off the beaten track
Big City Lights
Henna Tats and Braids
Digital Strategy
Can't mention the airlines publicly

Perception that the flights are for students only

Lack of awareness

Brand perception

will create Awareness
85% of consumers aged between 18-29 notice out of home advertising (Roy Morgan, 2013).
Cost effective as you can direct the message to the target audience through designated regions through a city (CBS, 2012).
50% of the target audience have streamed a video within the last month.
We have Budgeted for 80,000 instream impressions at a cost of $3,200.
53% of the target audience have visited Ninemsn’s network of websites recently (Roy Morgan, 2013a).
Interactive Leaderboards and MRec's
Media Budget Breakdown
Production Budget Breakdown
10,000 impressions of 15 second CTA YouTube overlays which will cost $8,500.
CTA Overlays are extremely cost effective being 8 to 10 times higher than other ad formats.
We have budgeted for 390 spots across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne at a total cost of $234,000
# Flying High
CTA YouTube Overlays
Further prompts to drive traffic to Black Market Flights will be available through MRecs coming to a total cost of $50,700.
Mobile applications are effective when paired with digital advertising, as the target audience are heavy users of both mediums.
Research suggested that over 65% of members within the target audience have used mobile social networking applications in the past month alone.
73% of those consumers have also visited an internet site on their mobile phone in the last month.
50% of consumers aged between 18-29 who are traveling in the next year like promotions that offer free gifts when purchasing goods and services.
No Passport Required
Students and Under the age of 26
Long term thinking
Work hard/ play hard mentality
Inherent sense of value
66% of people use the internet in some way
When booking a holiday:
50% booked the entire holiday online
"The only reason I would book with a travel agent would be if they could do it cheaper, quicker and better than I could"
Shift the negative perception of Black Market Flights by informing the audience of the key product advantages.

Position Student Flights as an effective alternative to autonomous online booking.

Increase Black Market Flights inquiries by 70% over the 6-month campaign period.
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