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Influence of Extracurricular Activities on Student Achievement and Socio-Emotional Behavior

Inquiry Project

Nicole Dodd

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of Influence of Extracurricular Activities on Student Achievement and Socio-Emotional Behavior

Influence of Extracurricular Activities on Student Achievement and Socio-Emotional Behavior
By: Jessi Marchal
Kylee Schlater
Matt Coberly
& Nicole Dodd How do the members of four different middle level extra curricular clubs vary in their achievement and socio-emotional behaviors? Through our research we discovered that extracurricular have many different positive and negative effects.
According to Andrew Guest, “the context in which activities take place may matter more than the activities themselves.” Themes
1. Effects on academic achievement
2. Effects on violent behavior
3. Effects on development
4. Effects on Socio-Emotional Relationship Positive Effects on Academic Achievement
Academic minimum requirements to participate in nonacademic activities can motivate students to achieve.
Homework assistance may not be available at home.
Early training in after-school homework programs may establish good study habits. Negative effects on academic achievement
Extracurricular activities can interfere with homework completion.
Participation in too many extracurricular activities detracts from academic work. Effects on Violent Behavior Rationale Review of Literature Research Question Effects on Academic Achievement Effects on Academic Achievement Fighting between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.According to Brown, “The U.S. department of justice reported that the peak time for juvenile crime is between 3 and 7 p.m. on school days.”Activities as engagementAccording to Linville and Huebner, “It is important that communities build programs and after-school activities that are interesting to youth so that, through participation, they are less likely to engage in risk behaviors. Effects on Violent Behavior Negative Effects on Violent BehaviorAccording to Kreager, “By applying lessons learned in sports, athletes many perceive violence and intimidation as acceptable means of achieving off-the-field goals and solving problems unrelated to sports.”
Violence from Concept of TeamViolence as a Product of Activity
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