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Reducing Global Inequalities: World Vision

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colette murphy

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Reducing Global Inequalities: World Vision

Reducing Global Inequalities: World Vision
World Vision, Aims/Goals

World Vision helps more than 20 million people per year.

Their main aims include addressing the causes of poverty and helping people move towards self-sufficiency.
World Vision, Methods
Take part in fundraising activities

40 hour famine- give something up for 40 hours, raises money and awareness
Volunteering work for projects - 2010, there were 3000 volunteers from Australia
Join groups

Vgen – group for young people to band together and make a difference and raise awareness
Church advocates – making churches the voice for communities living in poverty
World Vision, Aims/Goals
Their Aims Include:
• Giving people education
• Helping with sustainability
• Helping with the equality of gender
• Prevention and education of HIV and AIDS
• Helping to provide affordable technology

World Vision, Methods
World Vision, Methods
World Vision, Aims/Goals
World Vision Goals:

Reducing child mortality ratios
Increase in access to clean water
Universal access to HIV and Aids care
Maternal health
Tuberculosis treatment


World vision acts as a bridge for normal citizens to make a difference and contribute to projects supporting people living in poverty all around the world
They take donations and support communities living in poverty around the world like Cambodia, Syria
Shop ethical, is a website related to World Vision, where money from things that are bought go towards those in poverty

They have programs where you can sponsor a child for a certain amount of time
Help protect children from dangers within the community
Ensure children get the food, education and health they need
World Vision, Methods

World vision is Confronting the Australian Government to help and stop human trafficking
Reduce the market in Australia for products produced through forced or child labor
Call on Australian businesses to eradicate forced and child labor from their operations and
uphold human and child rights.

Ensure the Australian Government is not supporting businesses through its policies and purchasing practices that may contribute to force or child labor.

Ensure the Australian Government continues to support international anti-trafficking initiatives and works to protect children from exploitation.
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