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Literary Nonfiction

Types and characteristics

Margaret Eissler

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Literary Nonfiction

Literary Nonfiction Writing that reads like fiction, except that the characters, setting, and plot are real. Autobiography Characteristics of Autobiography Memoir Personal Narrative Characteristics of a Personal narrative: Biography A writer's account of their own life. It focuses on the most important events & people in the writer's life over a long period of time. * Written in the 1st Person
*Describes subjects: thoughts, feelings, & opinions about their life.
*Largely based on details from the memory of the author. A type of Autobiography in which an author shares their personal experiences, & observations of important events, or people A short essay told as a story that usually reflects the writer's experiences, feelings, & personality. *Written in the 1st person.
*Usually informal in tone.
*Usually about one event, or period of life (a single subject). A true account of a person's life, written by another person. A biographer uses research to write an honest account of their subject. Types of Autobiography: Characteristics of a memoir: *Written in the 1st person
*Usually informal in tone.
* Describes the subject's experiences, & observations about important events or people.
* Usually there is historical context - information about society & culture at the time. Characteristics of a biography: *Written in the 3rd person.
*Usually formal in tone.
* Based on research of: books, journals, letters and interviews of/about the subject.
*Sometimes includes details provided by the subject.
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