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Spies and Codes WW1

No description

Abigail Kariolich

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Spies and Codes WW1

When the United States military codes kept being broken by the Germans in WW1, a Native Tribe, the Choctaw, came to the rescue. They only spoke their language, which confused the enemy and helped paved the way for other Native Americans in WW1.
Codes of WW1
Marti Hari
Edith Cavell
Spies and Codes of WW1
By:Abigail Kariolich
Spies and Codes WW1
Different Spies
Edith Cavell was a nurse, helper, and spy. During WW1, she helped allied servicemen escape Germany. She was eventually captured and executed for disloyalty. Her death by a German firing squad made her internationally known and became an iconic symbol for the Allied cause.
Types of codes
Some examples of codes they used in WW1 is Cryptography. They used this code over the telegraph to communicate. Another code that used was named morse code. They also used these codes to communicate during spy work in 1844.
Morse Code
Marti was a professional dancer and mistress who accepted to carry information to France in 1916. After Marti was accused of being a German spy, She was carried out by a firing squad on October 15, 1917, after the French accused her of being a double agent.
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