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My family

No description

alejandra isaza

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of My family

My family
My name is Cindy Alejandra
My last name is Vanegas Isaza
I’m twenty years old. I’m young.
I live in Medellin, Colombia.
I have got long wavy dark and brown eyes. I´m short and slim.
I have got small nose and slim lips.
I can teach reading and writing.

I love eating ice cream, listening to music and playing with my nephews. I love watch movies of horror, suspence and drama. I like reading too. I’m single. My birthday is on November twenty eight. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite animals are dog, dolphin, monkey and butterflies because I inspire tranquility.
I have a big family.
I have five sisters.
Their names are Luz Angela,
Diana, Paula, Gloria, and Leidy.
Luz Angela is english teacher.
She lives in North Caroline.
She has 35 years old. She has got large straight red hair and brown eyes. She is short and slim. She has got small nose and slim lips.
She is married with Luis Fernando Sepulveda. He has got short straight black hair and brown eyes. He is tall and well built. He has got large nose and full lips. He is the coordinator of the Canadian school. They are very happy!
Diana has 34 years old. She is assistant accountant.
She has boyfriend, his name is Diego. He is mechanical engineer. He lives in United States.
Paula has 31 years old. She is housewife.
She is married with Javier Carvajal.
He is teacher. They are very happy!
They have got a son, his name is Thomas, my nephew.
Thomas has 1 year old.
He has got short wavy brown hair and green eyes.
He is small and fat. He has got small nose and slim lips.
He is beautifull!!!!!!!!!!
Gloria has 29 years old. She study graphic design at Cesde. She likes photography. She is single. She work in Leonisa. She is honest, responsible and efficient.
Leidy has 24 years old. She is secretary in the hotel Zuana Beach Resort.
She isn´t married but has got a daughter,
my niece!!!!!!!! Her name is Valentina. She has two years old. She has got short wavy black hair and brown eyes. She is small and fat. She has got small nose and slim lips.
I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My father is Jose. He has 58 years old.
He works in Tejicóndor. He lives with my sister Leidy and my niece Valentina and me live with my sisters Diana and Gloria.
We have a nice house!!!!!!!!!
She is my grandmother.
Her name is Rosa.
She has three daugthers: my aunts. They are:

She has fifty-three years old. She has three siblings, my cousins. They are: Beatriz, Claudia and Juan Manuel.
She has fourty eight years old. She is secretary.
She is married with Adolfo. They have got a son, my cousin Mauricio.

Juan Manuel is my cousin.
He is a automotive mechatronic. He isn't married but has a son. His name is Juan José. He has three years old.
Mauricio has twenty three years old. He likes rock and metal.
He can to play the drums.
He is systems engineer.

She has 36 years old. She is housewife. She is very happy and responsability. She is married with Jhon Jairo Melo. They have two daugthers: My cousins: Luisa and Juliana. They live in Villavivencio.
She has 14 years old. She is very very intelligent, she is excellent student. She is in the ninth grade. She has a boyfriend, his name is Pioter. She likes medicine.
She has seven years old.
She is in second grade.
She is very active and good student.
This is my big family!
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