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Sandra Cisneros Biography

No description

Shirlene Holden

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of Sandra Cisneros Biography

Author of
House on Mango Street

Sandra Cisneros
Author Biography
Literary Terms
Cisneros Video
Grew up poor in Chicago
Only daughter among 7 children
Raised by a Mexican father and a Mexican American mother
She feels like she lives between the two cultures. She does not feel like she belongs to either.
Worked as a teacher and counselor to high school dropouts, a writer, a college recruiter and a professor
lives in San Antonio, Texas
House on Mango Street
Published in 1984
A "Coming of Age" novel from the viewpoint of a young Hispanic girl, Esperanza, growing up in a Chicago Hispanic community
The community still exists today
Esperanza, the young Hispanic girl that narrates the novel, is determined to one day leave Mango Street and never return
- the main idea or message of a literary work
- tone in literature tells us how the author feels about his or her subject
- the contrast between what is expected and what actually happens
Point of view
- the perspective from which the story is told
- The unique character or personality of a character
What inspired Cisneros to write.
Reflect on these guiding questions:
•How am I defined by others?
•What is prejudice?
•What are stereotypes?Where do they come from?
•How can stereotypes be used and abused?
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