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The Adrenaline Effect

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yadel yackson

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Adrenaline Effect

The Adrenaline Effect
Christianna Jackson
Mrs.Morejon Period:1
Gateway Environmental k-8 Learning Center
Problem Statement
Can playing video games effect your breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and pain tolerance?
In this experiment, I will test and record whether playing video games will alter a human's vital signs. I will use a blood pressure monitor,and multiple vital sign tests to see the person's condition after playing the video game. I will use different time intervals to keep track of how long they played.
Adrenaline a hormone secreted by the medulla in the adrenal gland
Lactic acid released to the muscle due to adrenaline/epinephrine
Pain tolerance enhanced
adrenaline rush causes an instinctive action
changes brain perception
increases blood circulation
increases brain stimuli
If hurt, less blood loss
Controlled variables
:video game, blood pressure monitor, toothpicks, and console.
Independent Variable
:time intervals while playing the video game ,how many times the test recipient is tested ,and what is being tested on the recipient
Dependent Variable
:how the recipient reacts to the reaction test,pain tolerance test,and their vital sign tests
If I were to play a high intense game will the adrenaline effect my body?
3.Blood pressure monitor
4.Action video game console
9.test subjects
1.Obtain test subjects,take note of their gender, age, and experience with video games to see if you see any trends.
2.Take your first subject's breathing rate.Set your stopwatch for a minute,and count how many breaths the subject takes.Record this.
3.Place your finger under your subjects jaw.Slighty push against it you will feel a pulse, time the pulse for one minute, and count the pulses.This is the heart beat.Record this.
4.Obtain a blood pressure monitor (not needed), place it around your subject's arm and record the subject's blood pressure measurement.
5.Have a participant sit by a table with their hands on the edge of the table, and elbow on the table.Put the ruler between the thumb and the index finger,then drop it while participants eyes are closed.Record how many inches the ruler dropped.Then find the average reaction time.
6.Now test your subjects on their reaction time, by dropping a ruler between your friends hands and seeing how far it dropped in inches
7.Finally test your subjects pain tolerance, have them look away, and poke their arm with a toothpick.Count how many times the subject feels a poke.
8.Let your subject play the game for 10 more minutes make sure it's intense 9.Immediatly ,after the subject stops playing you take their breathing rate and blood pressure
10. Resume game play for 5 minutes,pause then record their pulse and reaction time
11.Resume game play for another 5 minutes, then begin poking her while the subject plays 15 times. As you do this ask how many times the subject feels the poke, and record your data.
Test Subject 3
Breathing Rate:30brth/min
Heart Beat/Pulse:82hb/min
Blood Pressure:96sys/70dia
Reaction Time:.6091
Pain Tolerance:10/10
Test Subject 2
Breathing Rate:27brth/min
Heart Beat/Pulse:83hb/min
Blood Pressure:86sys/62dia
Reaction Time:.5075s
Pain Tolerance:10/10 pokes
Breathing Rate:28brth/min
Heart Beat/Pulse:73hb/min
Blood Pressure:102sys/62dia
Reaction time:.2075
Pain Tolerance:10/10
Test Subject 1
Breathing Rate:45brth/min
Heart Beat/Pulse:99hb/min
Blood Pressure:113sys/62dia
Reaction Time:.5998
Pain Tolerance:10/10
Breathing Rate:38brth/min
Heart Beat/Pulse:105hb/min
Blood Pressure: 107/59
Reaction Time:.4075
Pain Tolerance:8/10
Breathing Rate:44brth/min
Heart Beat/Pulse:121hb/min
Blood Pressure:119/52
Reaction Time:.1432
Pain Tolerance:7/10
Based on my data, I discovered that video games(simulation) effect the body by releasing adrenaline to the body. Which makes the body react differently from its prior condition.The blood pressure, heart beat, pain tolerance, reaction time, and breathing rate accumulated greatly.The reason why all of this happens is to prepare the body for a lot of exertion. Yes, video games do affect the body.
Unkown.(1998-2013)"How your brain works".HowStuffWorks,Inc.Retrived from http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/human-brain/brain1.htm
The American Heart.Society(2013)"Understanding blood pressure" American Heart Association, Inc.

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