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Names and Symbols

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bianca banuelos

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Names and Symbols


Patrick Suskind

Significance of names
Giuseppe Baldini:
-Giuseppe translates into "God shall increase" and "he shall add" The people with this name tend to be competent, practical, and often achieve great power and wealth. They are successful business owners and achieve a great matter of their dreams
-Baldini translates into joyful
Significance of names
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille:

-Jean-Bapiste translates into "John the Baptist". John the baptist was on of the most distinct characters in the new testament, and was know for several things, one being his fashion. "He wore wild-looking clothing made of camel's hair and a leather belt around his waist."~Mary Fairchild. He lived in the wild surviving off of wild honey and locust, and he was aware of Gods plan for him.

~He encouraged baptism because it was a symbol of acceptance.

~He was a fisherman, who was orphaned shortly after birth because his parents were elderly at the time of his birth.

~Grenouille: frog.
a frog symbolizes Cleansing, Renewal, rebirth
Fertility, abundance, Transformation, metamorphosis, Life mysteries and ancient wisdom
Q: What do you think caves symbolize, in the novel and in general?
Q: What effect do castles have on Grenouille in the novel? What Do you think they symbolize to Grenouille, and in general?
Q: Suskind uses the gullibility of the towns people to supplement Grenouille's ego, as seen in the scene where he creates his own perfume out of cat poop, and variety of other strange substances. How does Suskind use this to comment on the changes going on in society during the age of reason? What is he saying about the human condition?
Names and Symbols
Grenouille's mother
Jean-Babtiste Grenouille
Jeanne Bussie
Father Terrier
Madame Gaillard
The Plum Girl
Giuseppe Baldini
Madame Arnulfi
When Grenouille was residing in the cave, he formed the idea of a purple castle. castles are a symbol of refuge. This castle was where Grenouille located his favorite scents. This castle symbolized fantasy...

Another small aspect of symbolism was the fact that the castle was purple. Purple symbolizes perfection, and offers a calming aspect
Gullibility of man
The gullibility of man is a very prominent idea found throughout the novel.

~Grenouille and his personal perfume

~His use of perfume at the end of the novel to prevent his attack by an angry mob

Everyone is fooled by an the facade that Grenouille used to trick everyone symbolizing the corruption and incompetency of humans
What was Suskind's intent with the ironic contrast between the joyful and god-loving meaning of Balidini's name, and the greed and sins that he commits in reality? What was Suskind trying to say with this?

Significance of names
Jeanne Bussie
-Jeanne translates into God is gracious
Bussie means that you are emotional and fixed in your opinions, hospitable, and psychic, while the biggest challenge is uncertainty
The cave symbolizes a mothers womb and holds the idea of being reborn.

~Grenouille spends 7 years in a cave living off of grass and such. He stayed there away from civilization for years and once he re-entered society, it was as if he had morphed into a different person.
Dominique Druot
Antoine Richis
Laure Richis
Madame Gaillard:
-Gaillard translates into Forecastle meaning "The forward part of the upper deck of a ship/the crews quarters usually at the ships bow" ~ Miriam Webster

-Pellisser translates into 'pellical' meaning skin, and often used to describe a pelisses maker, who makes fur/leather garments to be used in war, as a protective skin.
Q: What instances do you see a cave effect Grenouille? Does the cave negate or affirm its symbolism?
Gullibility of Man
Lets talk about
Why do you think Pellisser is an important character, in relation to the meaning of his name and his role in the novel? What even bother adding his name if he had such a minute role?
The references to insects, particularly, ticks and spiders

Any other symbols you noticed and would like to discuss.
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