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She Walks In Beauty

Mrs. Davidson Senior Lit. class

Shelby Penrod

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of She Walks In Beauty

By : Shelby Penrod Poetry Project She Walks In Beauty Connotation Attitude By: Lord Byron Shifts Shift #1: The poet is talking about her beauty in general giving examples of "walk in beauty, like the night"
Shift #2: He then goes on to talk about the beauty in her face and starts talking about her pure mind
Shift #3: The last shift explains her smile and her mind that is so innocent
he ends with the last line talking about the innocence of her heart
Connotation Simile: Night, which is usually associated with darkness or danger, is being compared to her beauty
The repetition of darkness and light is another example of connotation.
Darkness could mean the internal beauty
Light could mean the physical outer beauty Subject The subject of this poem is described as the love for this woman
Her innocence is admiring to him and causes his love for her to keep growing Imagery: "Of cloudless climes and starry skies"
Gives the audience a vision of a beautiful starry night
Imagery: "Which waves in every raven tress"
Gives the audience a vision of her dark, wavy hair
Imagery: "Or softly lightens o'er her face"
Gives the audience a vision of a bright and cheery face
The attitude in this poem is the admiration and appreciation toward this woman.
She Walks in Beauty is consistent with the way it projects the admiration and appreciation The theme of this poem is the internal and physical beauty of this exceptional woman Theme Isn't She Lovely By: Stevie Wonder Subject The subject in this song is describing the beauty in the girl Connotation
Simile: "Life and love are the same"
Gives the audience the assumption that life and love can be in the same category

Repetition of "Isn't she Lovely" Explains how wonderful she is and really puts emphasis on how great she is Connotation Imagery: "less than one minute old
Gives the audience the visual of the girl as just a baby
Attitude The attitude of this song is cheerful and admirable to the baby girl.
It does not change throughout the whole song Shifts Shift #1: The first stanza talks about the newly born baby girl who is beautiful and wonderful
Shift #2: the second stanza talks about how blessed and lucky he is to have her and his wife
Shift #3: The third stanza talks about the meaning of the name and how he could not have done this without his beautiful wife. Theme The theme in this song, just like the poem, is love and admiration for the girl.
He cannot see any imperfections in her and is in completely awe of her every movement
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