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Mary, Martha and Lazarus

No description

Ava Gianfala

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Mary, Martha and Lazarus

Mary, Martha and Lazarus
by Ava and Sienna

that day when Lazarus died they took him and put him in a cave and said "good bye" later that night one of gods angel came and made Lazarus come back to life
once upon time there was two sisters ones name was Mary and the other was Martha they had a little brother called Lazarus.

they had a friend called Jesus. Jesus would often visit them. every night he visited Mary Martha and Lazarus.
one night when Jesus visited them Lazarus felt very sick.
the next day Lazarus died Mary and Martha were so upset
that morning Martha and Mary went to see Lazarus at the cave and he was alive they got him and took him back home and were so happy to see him.they told Jesus and everyone that he was alive so to celebrate they had a party
because Lazarus is alive.

thank you for watching!!!!!!!!
by sienna AND Ava.
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