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Dolphin tricks Shark

No description

Katriel Read

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Dolphin tricks Shark

Dolphin Tricks Shark Shark always swam through
the ocean wrecking things In the ocean was a coral
Where dolphin and her friends lived. The fish and dolphins in the coral did
not want shark to eat them and wreck their coral.
Dolphin had a great idea. I will make
him a meal Dolphin went out and collected plastic
and dead rotting things. She mixed them
together and froze them. This will be great Good! Now i shall bring it
to shark! It looked so gross. So dolphin
took a fresh layer of seaweed
and put it on top. I made this just for you Shark
It is full of fresh fish and seaweed! Everything's fine! Shark is gone,
he doesn't like our taste! When Dolphin reached shark, he was angry and hungry. She placed the pile in front of him and explained what it was. Shark took a big bite and spat it out. He thought that all the fish in the area were gross... Dolphin came back home
and told everyone
Shark had gone away..
FOREVER! The End This place has gross
fish I am going
somewhere else!
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