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Science Experiment

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Science Experiment

our aim to observe the changes to a solid when its left in water for a period of time(if it is will dissolve or stay the same)
Is the change a physical or chemical
our experiment tested that when you leave 2 jelly beans in different temperature water, This investigation is a chemical change because of when you emmersed the jelly bean in to the temperature water dissolved the sugared color has dissolved changed the color of the transparent water. The water has changed the color the size also changing the molecular structure.
Design a fair test
1.Place 100ml of cold water and two jelly beans in one of your 4 bowls (leave all 4 bowls for 10 minutes each)
2.place 100ml of hot water and two jelly beans in the second bowl.
3.next place 100ml of room temperature water and two jelly beans in the 3rd bowl.
4.place 100ml of hot water and 4 jelly beans in the 4th and final bowl.
5.when all the bowls have sat for ten minutes each,observe what your results are.
Science Experiment

By Sophie, Akaisha and Hamish
What to change?
The temprature
of the water

the Amount of
What to measure?
Water 2 cups


What to kep thesame
here its placed
the cup
time limit the measuring cup
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