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Centaur Repairs Services CC

No description

Anna Soubbotina

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Centaur Repairs Services CC

Choose Centaur Repair Services
Choose Centaur Services
Clipper Blades
Inspected, stripped and manually cleaned, ultrasonically cleaned, resurfaced, de-magnetised, assembled and lubricated, tested, bagged
Inspected, ultrasonically cleaned,
sharpened, re-aligned, tightness checked,
tested and bagged
Centaur Repair Services - Behind the Scenes
Get the Highest Quality Service

All work is completed by technicians in our own purpose build laboratory

Do it Easily, and with Confidence

Your instruments and clipper blades are collected and returned by your Centaur Driver

Save Time, Reduce Cost

Competitive pricing with efficiency discounts available
As a Centaur Customer you will never pay transport charges
Services are invoiced with your next order to reduce bookeeping
Continuously Adding Value
Once finished,
your repairs are returned by
your Centaur Driver
along with your next wholesale order
Insert the
Repair Request Form
and seal the bag
Place clean, carefully wrapped instruments in the clear repair bag provided by
Centaur Services
Complete a
Repair Request Form
A process so easy, you might enjoy it...
The Repair bag will be collected by your Centaur Driver, and taken to our purpose built laboratory in Castle Cary
Centaur Repair Services
Continuously Adding Value
and we are
Careline, Transport, Automation
Taking care of you and your needs everyday
Oster Electric Clipper
Inspected, stripped down, cleaned, fully serviced, rebuilt, PAT and operational tested
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Purpose Build Laboratory
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