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Driving for Results

No description

Susan Still

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Driving for Results

Rules of
the Road

Driving for


SR Management
The word Drive can mean different things...
Drive a Car
You can...
You can...
Drive a Ball
Some people
can even...
Drive you crazy
At Aetna we are...
Trivia Lead Check
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Trivia Lead Check
Trivia Lead Check
What does
Driving for Results
mean to some of our
business partners
Driving for Results Means...
We are committed and focused on what’s most important to the business
Set priorities and focus work to achieve our goals
Help steer the course to success and work to influence the direction and speed necessary to achieve our end goals
We do what it takes to get the desired result
Long Term Vision /
Strategic Initiatives...
Health Care Reform
Coventry Integration
Support Accountable Care Organizations - ACOs
Sell and renew business in order to meet the operating plan
Making the EBS strategic platform and ARRT much more scalable and efficient
How do you motivate/support?
Establish clear expectations that are monitored and adjusted
Give the team confidence that even if a mistake is made they have my full help and support
Ensure team has the tools they need to perform their job
Reward and recognize performance: scorecard, raises, bonuses, AWEA nominations, time off for extraordinary efforts
A simple THANK YOU for extra effort goes a long way!
How do you foster a sense of urgency?
Demonstrate the business need and impact of not delivering. Challenge the team to do more with creative solutions
Communication of deadlines and priorities
Place accountability on the “team” to drive solutions
Recent Success Stories
Every project or SR we deliver on-time and on budget is a success story
ITSO reorganization completed smoothly and better aligns us with our long term vision
A hybrid project was recently implemented to build an Enterprise Salesforce.com for the Sales Organization
Windows 7 -

total applications in scope
unique developer contacts
AD applications; most with QA and EPS support
tested between December 2009 and December 2011
AD applications required remediation
non-AD (IIS, BDA, Affiliate) applications required remediation
complete (
) from 2011 – 2013
Total app testing and remediation cost ~
DataStage work added at ~
in 2012
Abinitio work added at ~
in 2013
AD applications sunset from 2009 – 2013
Windows 7 - Goals & Communication
Able to work well with Client Engineering (program sponsor) on reasonable goals and understanding risks/issues/benefits.
Set clear goals for testing by creating a test strategy and SR.Doc template. Also created an SRDL in ClearQuest.
Collaborated with cross-functional stakeholders to create SharePoint wiki that contained information about all aspects of the project.
Windows 7 - Accountability
Established strong communication and accountability channels with cross-functional teams – especially BDA teams where BDAs were the “lions share” of testing and remediation.
Also took a “don’t wait at the line but carry them” approach with BDAs.
Created and distributed customized dashboard reports for Sr. Management.
Windows 7 / Other Programs-Projects
What did others do during this program to drive the results we achieved?
How else can we improve performance/delivery of programs and projects through Driving for Results capabilities?
Or the APLC, or the SRW...
Discussion – Driving for Results
1. How effective do you think we are in our ability to demonstrate this competency?
2. How do you think this competency is supported by the competencies we’ve reviewed this year? i.e. Leading Change, Talent Development, Collaboration and Adaptability.
3. We talked about how we used driving for results to deliver service requests, who else can give an example of how they “drive for results”? 
The six phases are broken up by 133 interconnected & integrated processes.
These processes have the capability of requiring up to 77 different deliverables across 60 different roles.
There are 83 different job aides available to help explain any steps required to complete any specific deliverable.
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