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Maria Henin

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Formaldehyde

period two
Mr. Corvinelli
What is Formaldehyde?
Prevents build up of harmful bacteria
May cause irritation (eyes nose and throat)or allergic reaction
A colorless, flammable, strong smelling chemical used in many household products like nail polish.It is used to prevent a build up of bacteria and can be also used;
For the preservation of biological specimens
To make plastics
In the production of wood flooring
This is a bottle of Sally Hasen Nail polish that contains Formaldehyde
Revelon has decided to keep Formaldehyde out of it's products
Environmental Effects
Many people simply toss their used nail polish containers straight into the trash or pour the remainder down the drain/flush it down the toilet before throwing away the glass container.
This is problematic because we are;
polluting our groundwater
filling up our landfills with items that will not decompose
polluting our lakes and oceans
Do the positives outweigh the negatives?
Human Carcinogen
Excellent binding agent for a low cost
to companies
There is an alternative to Formaldehyde called phenoxyethanol. It is used for preserving specimens while also keeping out harmful bacteria. It has a significantly less pungent smell and is able to keep out bacteria.
Causes cell/tissue damage
any companies choose to use this Formaldehyde because it is the cheaper option, but it has a number of detrimental health effects that definitely outweigh the positive uses of the chemical.
Cancer BLAH
Why is it important to use Chemicals properly?
Used in the plastic that makes artificial heart valves and capsules for drugs
It is important to know how to use chemicals properly because chemical safety is a responsibility. We don't want to harm ourselves while we are
them or harm our enviroment while
of them. We could polute our water supply or permenantly harm our bodies.
How can we minimize the risk?
Human Health
The Environment
We can minimize the risk of commonly used chemicals on human health by, finding alternatives that are potentially less toxic to our bodies.
We can minimize the risk of commonly used chemicals on the environment, by making it easier for the public to find places where their household items can properly be disposed of.
While Formaldehyde has some great characteristics that make it quite useful,it also has many negative qualities that are potentially lethal.
For example, Formaldehyde is used in the plastics that help make synthetic heart valves. In this situation Formaldehyde is being used to prolong someones life. Contrarily this chemical could also give someone cancer. Cancer is not like a rash that will go away but is a disease that the victim will be battling for a long time.
All things considered Formaldehyde is a significant part of our lives, but that doesn't mean that we should continue living with it. We should take a stand and fight for change; while also keeping in mind steps that we can take to better care for our environment.
Overall the consequences of Formaldehyde do not balance with the positive effects
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