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SJA - Platform Assignment

No description

Miguel Gonzales

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of SJA - Platform Assignment

THE BASICS -Creating motion for the character.
-Designing a variety of obstacles.
-Creating an interesting/challenging Level design There are two basic objects for platform games.
-A type of video game featuring two-dimensional graphics in which the player controls a character jumping or climbing between solid platforms and avoiding enemies at different positions on the screen. What is a platform game? 3 Crucial
Points Jumping The character must be able to jump, move left or right without moving through/falling through walls/floors. The following code will help you achieve that. -Character which is moved by the player
- Block object that is used for the floors (platforms) that the player can walk on. Otherwise we set it to 0. We also check the variable vspeed which indicates the vertical speed. If it is larger than 12 we set it back to 12. In this way we limit the vertical speed to 12. Without gravity there cannot be a jump. When the character is in the air and the character is collision free we set the gravity to a positive value. Now what is needed is collision “move to contact” with a maximum speed of 12 and against solid objects. Now that the game has proper gravity you can now create your jump. c Now that everything is set you can now create your level Tiles can be used for creating a better atmosphere within the game. When adding it to the game, remember to check the box “use as tile set”. Much similar to a character we will first need two sprites, one costume for left and the other for right movement. In the creation event we let it move to the right with a particular speed. Whenever it hits a wall it reverses its horizontal speed. Here is an example. Monsters To stop monsters from falling off we use something called a marker. Once the monster touches the invisible block it changes motion and remember that all other monsters use the same code. The only difference is the difference in sprite/costumes
Much similar to the invisible block instead of changing motion when its touched it instead kills the character when fallen inside the pit. The Pit First create or find the sprite which will be used for your point system, preferably a mushroom or coin. Make the coin or mushroom an object. Set a collision event with Mario running and the coin and follow the code below. Point System Character Movement
- Mario moves according to the laws of physics and creates a solid platform for Mario to walk without falling through other objects due to the obstruction block. Obstruction Block Moving to next level When Mario goes outside of the current room he is playing in, the code automates for him to move on to the next level. Tunnel The obstruction blocks are placed around the tunnel except for the top of the tunnel and this manipulates the player into thinking that the Mario can access the tunnel only from the top like the original Mario tunnel functions. Platform and
Tiles THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THE PRESENTATION. Platform Games Erasing a colour
from the sprite Instructions:
Click Edit Sprite button - Go to the Images option - Choose a Erase a color option in the submenu Select the color you need to erase.
Set the tolerance level
Press OK once satisfied with the editing. It is similar to adding in objects, delete to right click and left click to add. However, these tiles are for graphics only but we can now use the obstruction block over the tiles we just added (make sure it’s not visible) which creates platforms with the use of tiles. Position code tends to be more effective code then moving in a direction code for Mario. Go to the next screen to see the details. You do need to add all the sprites and sounds in the folder. Just check the sprites and sounds we used in the next image to determine which sprites you need. Preferably run game maker in advanced mode. This is for right
movement of
Mario. This is for right movement.
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