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Bianca's career Project

No description

Clarkes 7th Grade Class

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Bianca's career Project

Bianca Scott My Career Plan ME MY CAREER THE JOB THE JOB $ and Education Background in the industry is always helpful,and this can be learned in community college courses. I love to draw .i mostly draw about my life. I really would like to be a car designer . I love how some people design cars I'm so inspired by their work. I hope one day I be able to get that goal. PATHWAY Repairs and customizes automotive bodies and frames. This career is part of the Architecture , Construction ,Communication & Transportation cluster Collision Repair pathway . Researches , stylists, and product developers work on ideas in the futuer. They think of kind of cars that will on the road up to 30 years. These creative people work with storyboards and make sketches to come up with ideas. Stylists, researches, and product developers work on ideas for the futuer. They envision cars that will be on the road up to 30 years from now. These ideas are not to be share with other stylists because it is top secret. When they come up with a general idea , they make models out of clay that is scanned into for engineers. Engineers then figures out how to make the new shape. When engineers look at the desing they also ask questions. Its good to learn about different processes so you know how things you're designing are made. Average Annual /$61,580 Average hourly /$29.60 TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS Computers Paint sprayers Paint Materials & Model Car SKIP Career Wear They can wear any thing they want. Shirt & a pair of pants Leather clothing ADVANTAGES I get to be able to design what I to and also I can do what ever st on the car.Also get to show my designs with the whole world. DISADVANTAGES It will be hard to change a style someone dose not like also it would be a long time to make different kinds of cars. WHY ME I would be good for this job because I can designed things pretty and I also think people need my ideas . College Options Art Center College of Design (Pasadena CA , USA) College for Creative Studies (Detroit MI , USA) Icon Design ( San Paulo , Brazil) Details 4 days a week .
hours are 8 to 10 Other Options Engineer GOALS FOR 2012 Get good grades , pass ever class and advanced classes. 2020 I will travel the world , accomplished all my dreams come true and be happy. DREAMS SUPPORT My father Grandfather My mother My abuela Teacher pants ,and a t shirt other clothing
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