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Salem Witch Trials

No description

Michael Sierze

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Salem Witch Trials

Double click anywhere & add an idea Salem Massachsetts
February 1692
A witch hunt, that eventually claimed the lives of 25 innocent people, was set in motion based largely on the accusations and testimony of Ann Putnam. 1689
Samuel Parris moves his family to Salem village and is ordained the minister of the church. "Parris' fear, anger, paranoia, and rigidity drove him to induce and abet accusations of witchcraft and whip up fear and anger in others." January 16, 1692
Parris' daughter, Betty, niece Abigail Williams, and family friend Ann Putnam exhibit strange behavior and begin babbling incoherently. March 6-24, 1692
The girls accuse Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey of bewitchng them. The two women are examined and sent to prison. March 27, 1692
Samuel Parris strenuously lays as much blame as possible for the outbreak on an unfortunate church member, Mary Sibley. His intention was to alay doubts that there might have been a mistake in the arrest of Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey. April 1692
The accusations, examinations, and
imprisonments continue. By the end
of the month, 23 more suspected witches
are in jail. 11 out of the 23 complaints against the accused, leading to their arrests, have been made by Ann Putnam's father, Thomas Putnam. The Confession of Ann Putnam
Ann Putnam was the leader of the afflicted children who
called out the names of supposed witches. She was 24
when she made this confession. She died 13 years later,
never having married. She was 12 at the time.
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