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15 Things About Mrs. Latz


Jolene Latz

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of 15 Things About Mrs. Latz

15 Things About Mrs. Latz
1. I'm a Mom
Cooper's Mom
... and Cameron's Mom
2. I was single
... 20 years ago

Mark and Me at the Beach
Summer, 2008
Mark and I at the beach.
We married in 1995.
3. I'm a Beachcomber
4. I'm a crafter (fabric and paper crafts)
Cameron with his favorite quilt.
5. Christmas is my
favorite holiday.
6. I love pizza and ice cream
Cooper shared
his root beer
flavored Tilamook
ice cream
7. I'm addicted to Pinterest
8. I grew up a game player
My family
played board
and card
games almost
every night
when I was
a kid
9. I think
Math is fun, but everybody
thinks that
10. I'm a teacher
20+ years
and I still wonder
what I will be
when I grow up!
doesn't she
look mean?
11. I love red
12. and M&M's
Red M&M's are
my favorite.
13. I'm a reader
Have you
read ....
14. I really enjoy the theater
15. Just for fun .... I like to
play with Pivot.
Now tell me 15 things about you
I NEED one of these!
The end
The real end
Red Art
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